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Wednesday, February 15, 2012


What enters your mind when you hear the word KRR or Kenney Rogers Roasters????? . . . I believe most of us will answer healthy, roasted chicken, veggies, great selection of sidings etcetera.
My gastro buddy and I  have been  fans of KRR particularly their Healthy Meals . Whenever we dine here, we are always being reminded not to watch out what we eat...ooops yes I said it right and YES you read it right as well! Why? For as long as we won't overeat in a place like this we can nourish our body with nutritionally good food and in return we consider ourselves to be health buffs! Why not?! Oh well it takes time to be in a strict healthy diet most especially nowadays where everywhere there are more and more junk foods with nothing else but empty calories. So I appreciate the fact that KRR succeeded in piloting healthy food choices among us Filipinos.

It was our 4th year of being together as faithful bestfriends and lovers one special Sunday when we were invited by such a newly-renovated store of Kenney Roger's Roasters in Greenhills in 2010. Everything is brand new. There was even a coffee shop named Seattle's Best at one corner to serve its coffee-loving clientele. I so love the ambiance with nice interior and clean store's dining area lay out. Such a perfect place for dating. Hope they will maintain that kind of atmosphere which is still very much alive at  present :)
If I had the Classic Healthy Plate  with 1/4 Roast Chicken, Vegetable Salad with honey-mustard dressing, Fruit Salad and Corn Muffin; then he had this Cold Chunky Tuna with fries and lite iced tea! Obviously at KRR one can get you going really healthy. This place has some kind of swaying power to inpire you on living clean and healthy even just for a day :)

As for my kind of plate, you may order an extra rice to go along with the entire meal as its main source of carbohydrates is corn muffin alone. What I usually do is I order just a scoop of extra rice for a more fuller healthy meal for  I cannot eat my 3 big meals a day without rice. You can do the same trick like I did.

To make our Sunday dinner special sweeter we ordered for BROWNIES ALA MODE. We have sweet tooth so this is such a great  after meal delight. We could have opted for their newly-released product line that time but we guessed that real ice cream would be more fun and exciting to eat that frozen yoghurt. 

We stayed there for an hour and a half reminiscing what we had and surfing the net using our broadband stick. I'm hoping that nowadays this KRR branch near us has a free wifi already. I am yet to discover it in the coming days. It has almost been quite a year and a half .

KENNY ROGERS ROASTERSManila Arcade. Greenhills Shopping Center
Ortigas Ave. San Juan City