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Thursday, February 16, 2012


ICE CREAM HOUSE!!!!!!! Yay! :)
Whenever I hear and eat ice cream it never fail to bring happiness to me and changes my mood into a positive way. Actually it is always best eaten when shared. 

There was this one ICE CREAM HOUSE near my home that is truly affordable. The main reason why the establishment never ran out of customers. It houses various ice cream flavors, sizes and shapes ans sometimes included in a value meal.  From the street-peddled type ice drop to a home-made type of buco and fruit salad ice cream and different kinds of sundaes, everything you can find in here. Not to mention even those high class-looking ice cream. I first saw plenty of this outlet  in Marikina, like every block there is one Ice Cream House. I am from San Juan City and just got lucky to have one nearby.

I successfully swayed one of my new co-workers to try out  this place. She never hesitated to join me even if I somehow let her walk some extra feet to get to where I want to eat that nearly-dinner time. Here's what we got for ourselves . . .

I ordered for fries. Though not their specialty I still tried since it is still snack time.Nothing special though but at Php 25 and weighed 100g (the supervisor told me), it is still worth it! 
However, Kath  tried the spaghetti (Filipino-style) I must say that  it is  sweet. Aptly called as such.  Sided with buttered-toasted bread. 

Additionally,I also ordered for 2 slices of pizza but wasn't able to get a snapshot  of it :( It was just 2 small slices of pizza which are home-made with few gated cheese and bits of ham as toppings. 

For the WIN. We have these . . .

The ice cream used may not be made with dark chocolate but a nice two hefty scoops garnished in such a way that it'll look fancy to the one who is craving to eat one.
It cost me exactly Php76  for my meal with ice cream!!! We can really tell that this place is simple yet rock! She wanted to try all of the stuffs here at  the Ice Cream House since there is no such thing as this in their province in Dumaguete. I was delighted with the fact that at least I let her experience how it is to eat in Manila in an inexpensive yet delicious way! 

Craving for more ice cream!

N Domingo St.
San Juan City