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Tuesday, March 06, 2012

The Original SA LIDO Restaurant

There are so many hole in a wall restaurants in a city where I live in, San Juan, like this one which can easily be spotted along N. Domingo Street. This restaurant offers Chinese cuisine which is open daily. I would like to share you two of my best dining experiences here--but both to go :)  Actually it is just a few minutes walk to and from work and home. Since it was first built many many years ago I had never given it a try. I dunno why! Now I am resenting on the fact that I should have given it the opportunity to be tested and tasted and how I wished I've done this years back. 

It is my attitude to search for a meal that would completely satisfy me when I am on a break. It has always been a dillema to me. I usually go home and take my meals in my comfort zone but sometimes I splurge on a simple dining spot which is just a stone's throw away from where I work and live.

The facade. A tiny place with great chinese food. Parking space is available.

You could probably encountered this place or even the name. Does it ring a bell? They have a branch too in Ongpin St. Sta Cruz Manila which will be my next dining destination. You just have to watch out for my review on this. I just learned that they've got a branch there too because of the flyer which was given to me by one of their staffs. It was noted that the restaurant in Ongpin was first established some year 1945.

That might be looking old by now. I was thrilled to see this place soon. Maybe with my bestfriend who very well know the streets and nooks in Binondo, a Filipino-Chinese born citizen who grew up in Sta. Cruz

The counter area

My first time!I entered the place it was jampacked mostly by a big group seated on a very long table. Whew! I cannot comprehend if it was a perfect timing or not. At least just that very moment it was exemplified right before my very eyes how people could be craving for their dishes. To tell you frankly there was just a small space left behind for me and some few others. Still got lucky on the seating portion. The place was simply put up adorned with wooden-made Chinese dishes murals from left side and right side of the walls. It was dimly lit with a couple of sturdy-looking wooden chairs and tables.

I was seated on a relaxed state I am scanning through their menu taking mental note on what are their house specialties, which among the given dishes are low-priced and high-priced one. It took me a lengthy moment to finally made my orders. In a short while I was given a flyer containing their latest promotion. There includes the Value Meal Promo and Lunch Pack Promo they are currently marketing. Downside is those promos are meant to be for take home only. Nevertheless, I've chosen my lunch based on their Value Meal options which all in all cost me Php85 only! I do not care if I will not be able to eat at the place. I need to nourish myself and I can always go back at this place anytime  I want to. I am cool just to feel the ambiance- with or without crowdHere's what I got in two attempts:

Chami is just as perfect. It did not taste too sweet for me unlike other chamis available elsewhere.
Sweet and Sour Pork.  Another perfect-tasting dish. In every Asian -inspired restaurant I always feel the need to sample their Sweet and Sour Pork. I do not have any idea how I formed this habit. What is important is to sample them little by little. All I can say is that it is great tasting; the sauce is thick enough; serving is big enough and pork pieces are tender ti the bite
Value Meal #3

Sweet and Sour Pork
These food are placed in a styro box without bearing the name of the restaurant. (Still fine with me!) What matters is what is in store for me as I gently open the container.
Tadaaa! It looks surprisingly delicious and well-cooked for me. The Sweet and Sour Pork was hygienically placed in a plastic bag as without doing so will spoil the entire look of the meal. Dumpings and Chami did not look overheld nor lapsed and I can actually see the steam coming out from it as I sampled it with a bit of this and that.

Value Meal #1 

Pansit Canton
Lumpiang Shanghai

Portioning of each dish is good enough for me. It was delicious as expected. Their shanghai is delectable. Four small pieces were enough to satisfy me. One unsolicited advise I would like to give is that I prefer to have their styro box printed with the restaurant's logo and telephone numbers for it  to become known if not popular. That's extra marketing strategy for them. At least an awareness can be made with just a few words on the styro box. It will surely help them increase their sales 

Other Value Meals at P85 only that next time I would like to try:

Buttered Chicken 
Lumpiang Shanghai

Pansit Canton
Pork Siomai
Fried Dumpling

I therefore salute Sa Lido Restaurant for letting me experience my first two complete meal with them to go be an exceptional one. Both leave an impression to my tastebuds to be a good gustatory note. Something worth trying again at another branch in Ongpin. Burp!

158 N. Domingo St., Pedro Cruz
San Juan City