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Tuesday, March 20, 2012


 What brought me here again at my ultimate favorite pizza restaurant? 
Now I am talking again of my past experience about Pizza Hut! And I'm gonna tell you that little by little. I cannot gauge yet how many post do I have to make out of this all-time favorite dining spot ^_^ I just feel the need to share so bear with me please. 

Zumba day with Harry Potter 3D experience. That was the day and the date was July 14, 2011. How could I forget this? This was the very day 2 days after my natal day. And I was with one of my eldest yet closest choirmate friend Ate Rhea. I was so gratefully to be  treated by her to a 3D movie at Robinson's Galleria which she bought early in the morning just to make sure our seats are being reserved. The movie was Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. In return, right after our enrolled Zumba class at Gold's Gym I shouldered the treat to one of the fancy restaurants I've known eversince. You know what it is by now I guess. It was like my way of returning back the favor ^_^

I witnessed the transformation of this Pizza Hut restaurant branch all because of its close proximity to home. Me and my gastronomic partner have been an avid fan of their ala carte dishes especially the Super Panalo Meals which we gladly experience from time to time at the very same branch. I can say that we are regulars in here already.  There is something so alluring about this place that I cannot exactly place. Perhaps some magnetic force that magnetize me whenever I am looking for some budget friendly dinner date meals :)

Take this for instance. . .You could have heard or even experience of this too. . .

We could have dined at the bistro type of restaurant that Pizza Hut has at the uppermost level of the mall near where cinema is; but  because of the fact that I wanted our dinner to be simple yet hearty by the presence of Weekday Winners Promo which is the newest  promo of Pizza Hut then, I chose to treat her at the branch adjacent to the chapel in EDSA.

 Here's the proof of our date together one night of July. Very memorable! I am so lucky to have a friend like her :) 

On our table that night we got these special Pizza Hut dishes:

Supreme Pizza

This family size pan pizza alone could already solve our hunger pangs but  in order to make it a perfect one and  to further my way of returning back the favor to her I coupled this hot delicious pizza  with the Weekday Winner promo dishes. And since our dinner date fall on a Thrilling Thursday, we only had a great choice of the following. . .

Spaghetti Bolognese with Meatballs (P64.50)
Bolognese is fave and definitely one kind of pasta dish that will never be out of my list. I love its consistency and the kicking taste it gives off for a pasta dish. I feel like an Italian whenever I get a forkful bite of it. And ooohh the meatballs! they are not just tasty with all the herbs and spices but great enough to satisfy one's starving tummy. As always the triangular garlic bread was just as delightful. mmmmm...

Chicken Wings (P74.50)
A plate was consisted of four fine pieces of chicken wings. You could assume that it is more like a buffalo wings but it was not. I love the creamy ranch dip that goes with the chicken pieces. The naturally flavorful cut-ups made extra flavorful because of this undeniably good dip. Yum! The chicken pieces had less skin compared to that of buffalo wings that are really popular among us.

These dishes were made super gorgeous with the much affordable pricing scheme. I really never get tired of eating at this restaurant because most of their promos clicked with me. Thanks for the hearty meals at such a good price. Truly my pocket never get burned. So I always  wish that this kind of promo be back anytime soon. I LOVE YOU PIZZA HUT! Would love to try each of your Weekday Winners featured food items each day given a chance.  

Ground Level, Robinsons Galleria
EDSA cor. Ortigas Ave. Quezon City
(fronting the EDSA Shrine)