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Tuesday, March 13, 2012


                              BIG DEALS BIG DISCOUNTS!
Wednesday of last week, March 7,
 I was with two of the most beautiful people I met lately. Actually I was feeling uneasy and nervous on how would our meet-up turn out. Of course I would love it to be on a positive note as I am not just meeting up with an acquaintance but to tell you frankly, two of the very important people behind the booming group buying site here in the Philippines. Nothing else but BIG DEALS

Oh yes! I was feeling big time as it is my pleasure to be invited by them on a lunch date. I really did not    expect  it this far. So thoughtful of them, promise!

I know you are so curious of our meeting place. Originally it was suppose to be in a cafe named Azucar, but was curtailed as they said I need to be full as our meeting time falls on a brunch time. I had no choice of course but to deal with it because all I know they are way too biggie. They are BIG DEALS, right?! :)) haha! Therefore, we had it at Racks in Greenhills San Juan instead before actually getting at Azucar. A place which is owned and managed by their dear friend. 

Meet Ms. Sherill Lynn and Ms. Thea :)
Aren't they gorgeous? Who would have thought that these ladies are the very people behind the soon to be one of the very popular group buying sites in the country. Gosh! Prima facie I was daunted by their beauty but for sure they are good souls. They are sisters by the way.  Not only did they make me feel at home while having our lunch meeting, but uplifted my soul with their faith in people especially in Him. I just know I am bound to meet the two of you ^_^

Here's what we got for brunch. BIG DEALS treat! . .

 Garlic Bread

 Beef Ribs and Chicken

 Racks Baked Beans

 Broccoli and Cheese

Gravy Fries

Thanks again for believing in me. Hope to meet the two of you again soon maybe with the rest of your team. From the bottom of my heart I am super grateful and delighted to know you and BIG DEALS better than ever. Kudos! I know you'll reach your goals anytime soon :) You guys were right! I am so full when I head off to work. It was really a burping experience.

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Greenhills Shopping Center, Ortigas Ave.
San Juan City, Metro Manila
(02) 584-2173 to 74