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Sunday, March 25, 2012

CDR King Mouse and Protector

It was Saturday of last week when I thought of buying some essentials for my two and a half year old MSI netbook. I badly needed a  brand new optical mouse and a keyboard protector already. I am used to like the idea of using the laptop touch pad but I felt the need to use a USB mouse as I gauged it is faster than my fingers would normally do. Moreover, my keyboard are kinda overused too and I do not want its keys to be looking lousy by the time I bequeath it to someone. Those two issues prompted me to buy at the nearest one stop shop media provider. No one else but CDR KING. There was one recently opened branch near where I live. Finally!  

Every budget-conscious individual like me would really consider this shop because it is as if everything is being sold here. I was a bit surprised when I saw that this shop is also into selling tablets, binoculars and cell phones already. And mind you even home appliances too! Shocks!  I dunno if I will be horrified of that reality but it seems too fast for them to break in with those kind of supplies as I personally thought of it as the place for computer and media related things alone.  This business is emerging so fast and always loved by the crowd. I just hope that the quality won't be overpowered by the quantity,.

By the way here's what I purchase from them lately. . .

My very first time to use the keyboard protector. It is an essential or a tool which is placed on top of your computer keyboard to prevent it from harboring dust and other foreign materials thus, it eliminates the need for cleaning the keyboard. It will make my soon-to-be-dilapidated keys  tidier. This protector is made of plastic or silicone which makes it elastic, stretchable and washable as well. How I wished that the package I bought before includes this stuff. Now I am learning to get along with this plastic sheet on top of my keys as it somehow affects my keystrokes ..making my stroke slower than before. I will certainly get used to it. 

USB Optical Mouse P 99
14" Laptop Keyboard Protector P 50

Cheap isn't it? I sure hope I am really getting the value for my money. We'll see! This is not my first time to buy their products as I've bought with them memory cards, iPod charger, flash drives before just to name a few. By the way, my laptop is a 12-inch computer so that means I have to cut the protector a little to adjust with my keyboard's desired size, but nay! I never did the cutting as I guess it will make the entire sheet ugly and not balanced :(  I just folded it to somehow make it right in size and compatible with the keyboard size.

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