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Monday, March 05, 2012

KIRIN Chinese Dining in Bonifacio High Street, Taguig City

All photos courtesy of my friends, Jay & Elaine :)
April of last year, a dear girl friend of ours came all the way from Dubai with her boyfriend who's also a close friend of ours way back in college. They came here in the  Philippines for a month-long vacation. Whoa! Included in their filled-up schedule are us (of course!). Meeting place was at Bonifacio High Street in Taguig which I suggested since I knew there are lots of fine dining restaurants to choose from and the ambiance is very conducive for our get together. Besides it was their first time in BHS and I'm sure they'll love it. In less than 30 minutes after finally meeting them we've chosen this chinese dining casual restaurant named KIRIN. We are all first-timers at this place! 'Tis gotta be good, I told myself :)
The menu folder is tidy overloaded with much information pertaining to authentic chinese dishes. As I personally study their menu they do offer pre-set banquet menus which cost around Php 8 to 20K. You may customize it according to your choices. Of course we didn't avail of that since we were just 5 in a group that night with two of my girlfriends with their sweethearts by their side. Moreso we cannot afford it that very night. They do have spacious dining area with a couple of round tables and some train seating at the other side. We were seated at the round table. Too big for us though. We love the waterfall effect  on the glass panel coming from our back as it brings tranquility as we dine and whine on our latest lives.

The restaurant is some sort of a contemporary Chinese dining place. Majority who dine there are Chinese. Good thing Jenney is with us, a Filipino Chinese friend. So we never felt out of place.
Spacious and organized. Staffs are always by your side to cater all your needs. 
Here are among the dishes that burped us that evening: 
Ready your and let these dishes spoil you. . . 
Dimsums and Egg Noodle Soup
 Hakaw (Shrimp dumplings)
Hot soup first for our hungry tummy. Followed by a dimsum as our appetizer.

Hainanese Chicken 
Super soft to the bite. Love the way it was cooked because it was  'cooked into perfection'. I believe this is one of their best-sellers! Oh well every chinese fine dining restaurant has this dish.
Fukien Fried Rice 
Sweet and Sour Pork
Pardon me for I forgot how they call the sweet and sour dish but it tastes like Sweet and Sour Pork
Hope I was not incorrect! Fried rice is dry but with plenty of tasty small ingredients. However, the sweet & sour is too thick and saucy but was able to execute its real sweet n' sour flavor.

Buko Juice
This thing only belongs to Jay :) He missed the refreshing coconut water so much as it is not available anywhere in Dubai (gulp!)
Here we are as we enjoy Chinese Cuisine at its best. Miss these peeps. I am so excited to seeing them again. Elaine and Jay touched down Manila yesterday and we are off to another exciting food adventure. By the way, our glass are being refilled from time to time. Bottomless!

The food and place were worth the bucks. We shelled out a little over 500pesos each. Not bad for an extremely fine dining place. One negative comment though is all about their restroom. It was ill-maintained. The CR looks brand new but the way it was kept was like so disgusting. They should try to improve on this to make an over-all very good impression on the establishment.
Will visit this place definitely :)

Bldg. 7, Bonifacio High Street
Global City
Taguig City, Metro Manila

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