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Thursday, March 08, 2012

SAVORY Restaurant Since 1950

Guess what?? The Savory Restaurant has free home delivery service, 
hence these motorbikes; but I think catering most those living within t
heir retail trade area.
August 2011 when my team and I had the opportunity to try out one of the oldest yet best Asian-inspired restautrants along the busy street of N. Domingo in San Juan City. It is the very city where I was born and raised. Even if that is the case I never tried out this restaurant before though I've seen this like a thousand times already. The restaurant was supposed to be the venue of my high school classmate's 18th birthday celebration but was curtailed due to budget. I am now in my mid-twenties and it was only last year when I introduced this place to my team one sunny lunchtime meeting. Of course we talked about the specifics of our works, targets, achievements, pros and cons and whole lot more. After the brain-exhausting and power-draining time we felt the need to relax and nourish ourselves. That was the time when we are set for an out in the office simple luncheon as for every meeting we have had in the past, eating out I think is always the best part that everybody couldn't dare disagree with me. =)) 

It is actually fronting the ICE CREAM HOUSE which I made a review a few days back. I have always believed that there are a lot of dining spots here in San Juan which you can never find in malls.   For your information Savory Restaurant is by no means related to that of The Original Classic Savory. They may look the same prima facie but those two are entirely different restaurants.They could bear the word 'Savory' but their dishes and pricing are not the same although both deserve the term 'savory' on their names. Get it? I know you did! :)

I do expect that this place is already an institution, the reason why the dining area is filled with
Old fashioned tables and cushioned seats. You feel like in 80s once you set foot at this restaurant. I remember we have few pieces of their seats which looked like the ones we have at home. Not only that even the platters and plates used. I bet you still got or you even  get reminded of some of the look-a-like things from the ones at your home. Old yet sturdy pieces indeed. 

The place has mezzanine level where function rooms are situated. However,
their menu is placed on a simple clearbook. It was not that nicely printed and colorful compared to the ones we see in other Chinese Restaurants. However, they have plenty of dishes to offer. Bulk orders are even catered by them. Moreover, should you want to throw a mini event or party in here it is more than welcome at their end. Besides, the best ever Magic Sing and home theater as what advertised above are very much available.

After briefly studying their menu IT IS IN NO TIME. . . CHOW TIME!

I must tell..this is superbly delicious. Forget about the fried chicken you've tried before. Give this a chance.

Small or smaller? actually They are bite-sized. Yup they are smaller that what we usually see and eat at other restos. The meat has unique taste I cannot define..its just unnatural yet tasty.

A hefty serving which is so much good for the five of us. See those garlic flakes? Really garlicky not just in appearance huh.

A favorite amongst the viandsDory fish fillet breaded and fried to perfection before smothering with white creamy sauce with green peas and carrots. Help yourself!

Tasty deep fried breaded squid which I find overly breaded or coated. We somehow wanted it thin and easy to the bite. It was made fresh though the batter used I surmise has too thick consistency resulting to overbreading. 

So the above dishes are made with  1950s recipes? Actually I really do not know. Judge it! :) Needless to say, everything on our table was not fully consumed. We had a lot of left overs and take home. But that doesn't mean dishes weren't great. This was all because of their huge serving portion. That must be aptly called a simple Chinese luncheon. A lunch we  had was worth-remembering. Lots of food and a tummy-pleaser meal! Digested everything with the help of their house-blend iced tea and water of course. We wanted to have some desserts but we experienced stomach's space constraint that moment so we had to try it some other time instead. 

97 N. Domingo St.
San Juan City