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Tuesday, March 20, 2012


Who else is not aware of this promo? I surmise it has been a year-long promo of The Coffee Beanery. Wow!

The Coffee Beanery was situated inside this hotel named The Orange Place Hotel. You can find Lomabardi Restaurant inside this small hotel too which seems to be a perfect dining hub near my place. It is a dainty place where you can check in for an overnight escapade.The place is very accessible from my work and from my  home as well. As months pass by I realized one incredible thing about my city. . It is more FUN here in SAN JUAN City! Watchatink? 

My good friend from work and I just came from a New Product Training. It was an exhausting day for the two of us. In order to compensate all our efforts for the rigid process of product roll out and training I incidentally remember that I recently encountered a website wherein all types of current promo in the Philippines can be found. One of those advertised promo was the TCB's UNLIMITED COFFEE AND CAKE PROMO. Yes you read it right! The Coffee Beanery had just that kind of promo at a very affordable price of Php150. 

Lucky me that I live in San Juan. Therefore, it is too accessible on my end to drop by The Orange Place Hotel in Jose Abad Santos St. anytime. I knew this place even before as I usually passed by this small chic hotel whenever I commute going to and from Ortigas area

Indulge later..so see the place first. . .

Half of the dining area occupied already. I was feeling the vibe that we'd be staying here
more than 3 hours :)

Simply elegant

The common dining space of TCB and Lombardi. One can have the taste of Italian pizza from Lombardi Restaurant while enjoying bitter-sweet concocntions from TCB. A great pleasure! But for MJ and I it was a simple yet sufficient Unlimited Cakes and Coffee until past 10 in the evening.

Strawless campaign??? Have you ever heard of this before? It is a campaiign to protect our Mother Earth by means of lessening if not to totally eradicating the use of non-biodegradable products such as straws, stryrofoams and plastics. Good news to us that in some parts or establishments in San Juan area it is being mandated and practiced properly. In my opinion it is best to start it now in more areas in Manila to prevent it from severely polluting. Moreover, I believe more and more people nowadays can afford not to use straw as they sip their beverages. Having a tent card like this on every table helps save the mother nature big time.

Seeing the chef or chefs at work. The kitchen area is clearly visible to the dining customers. Two way mirror helps as it is where all the preparation, cooking and baking is done. As we enjoy our hot brewed coffee and different slices of cake as minutes pass by, we also enjoy watching this baker molding doughs of pizza. Clean facilities and presentable staffs will surely bring success to business 

Equipped with functional ovens, proofers and other baking equipment. Must haves for an institution where enrollees are taking up short courses regarding hotel and restaurant and its part and parcels.

Cakes on display: Choco Caramel, Double Chocolate, Swiss Alps, Strawberry Cheesecake, Blueberry Cheesecake and White Choco Sansrival

For here or to go cakes they almost have it. However, for the promo of unlimited coffee and cakes, cake flavor variants are limited to 4 kinds only. It varies everyday according to the barista we talked to. Not bad! After all, all their cakes are very delectable and you can have it as much as you can. Same goes with the brewed coffee.

Now lemme take you to the eating portion..nit just eating but taste testing as well! 

Brewed coffee please! Uhmmm should I say "unlimited coffee for two please!". I lost my count on how many cups of coffee I gobbled up but I firmly believe it was more than 5 cups. On the other hand, my companion MJ had only two cups. I won the coffee drinking contest. And it just making me more alive and alert and talkative and annoying and on-the-go and repetitive . . .Uh oh! By the way I cannot remember if we can avail the decaf coffee or not. It has no specific brand whatsoever. 

Needless to say, refills were done in a good fashion as the ever attentive barista will make her way to refill your cup when there is obviously a need to do so.

Our first slice of cake ^_^ We decided to have the same cake each time so as to give our say and feedback on the variant of cake. What derail this plan was the speed of eating a slice of cake. Apparently, I always finished the race first at all time. No pressure at all! Hahaha
Cake slice was moist, caramel flavor too evident. Just right.

Strawberry Cheesecake
Now this was our second slice! One is not enough, two is better. The portion size is cute and therefore easier to consume than the first one. The cheesecake is overwhelmingly good! Two thumbs up. I requested the barista to make my second helpings a little thicker and bigger than the first one to avoid more and more helpings in less than 10 minutes. She by the way granted it even at first she was quite hesitant. See there is nothing wrong in giving feedback and asking possible requests. That is what we call establishing goodwill to the customers. And for a fact I am not asking more than she can possibly give me. Just be courteous enough and everything will follow :) 

Double Chocolate

We think it is better called as Chocolate Mousse as it is more of made of delicious cream-based mousse. Anyhow TCB knows it better on what name to give their cakes than us. I am just a customer giving critics and observations. Yup it is made with layers of chocolate cream and chocolate shavings on top. It is so sweet that you need a glass of water by your side to at least neutralize the simple sugars you'd indulge.So yummy but slightly noticed a little off in flavor.

Swiss Alps?? I don't think so.  I forgot the name :(  Oh no!
My favorite among the Unli Cakes available that moment. It is made of fruity apple slices made with crusty base and nicely d and grated cheese too! The alps were very distinct. It has a cinnamon note that makes me crave for more. MJ is not a fan of cinnamon spice so her bet among the cakes served was the Choco Caramel Cake. We might have different set of cake preferences but we jived together. Opposite attracts :)

Downside: Didn't have the opportunity to be asked if plates could be recovered and exchanged with a new one for sanitary purposes. 
                   Lack of variety. For me 5 or more cakes will do for a cake unli promo so as not to experience monotony.

Upside: Great value for money. Inexpensive.
              Customer relation with two thumbs up. Requests granted such as brown sugar for my coffee and a         thicker size for every cake slices. 
              Promo runs until further notice. All branches offers the same promo. 
              Variety of cake slices everyday. 

I know you are now craving for more cakes but these slices of delectable goodness are the things I could offer you as of this time. Care to have this promo as well with your best buddy? Then hit the nearest The Coffee Beanery near you. Be ready for over a hundred bucks and you are absolutely on with the deal. I would love to try their branch in Shangri-la soon as I do window shopping there a lot! :) Can't wait for that day! Hopefully this promo is not yet over by that time ^_^ Now I am crossing fingers!

Orange Place Hotel
26 Kamias Road, West Kamias
Quezon City

 If you're in Santolan area, visit The Orange Place Hotel-Santolan at 312 Santolan Road, cor. J. Abad Santos, San Juan, Metro Manila or call (632)726-6712.