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Thursday, March 29, 2012

SMACKED SNACK: Goldilocks Merienda Specials

This cheap eat yet precious moment is still very much alive in  my memory. Less than a year ago I was with three of my newly-acquainted workmates who joined together in a quick snack at Goldilocks.
The branch that we have chosen that time is newly-renovated which gave us more excitement in eating. Very long lines at the counter station never deterred us from tasting the best pinoy merienda we could afford to have at Goldilocks. We picked our seats first and rest for a while and when the line subsided we fall in line and placed our orders.  Here's what we got:

Busog sa saraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaap! Even without giving you the names of our simple plated snacks, I know for a fact that you can easily identify it. Correct me if I am wrong okay..But for the sake of transparency I am still giving you their names:

Baked Macaroni (P 75)
Bopis with steamed rice   (P 75) 
 (P 75) 
Chicken Tender Barbecue with Java Rice (
P 45). 

The last one which happens to be my personal choice ia what most of us have seen in the commercial of Dingdong Dantes. Can you still recall it? With these your hard-earned money cannot be put into waste given their all-time Filipino favorites at a very affordable price. I suggest though that as part of their promotion since they have been in the business for 45 years already, why not make the merienda specials in a form of  value meal. Something that comes with a drink (or maybe with a simple dessert too) to complete the package. I'm sure everyone will chase after this deal. 

SMACKED SNACK is yaniconquistadora's compilation of cheap eats or great snacker's find in and out of the metro and of course from the confines of her own home.  Basically this is composed of her brief reviews on anything that is considered to be a light quick meal at any given hour of the day. Any food consumed  out of elation, cravings or just any type of mood that could possibly be associated with food. Are you now ready to smack all the snacks or allow it to kiss you goodbye? Join me and lets smack 'em down!