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Thursday, January 19, 2012

FIGARO in Greenhills Promenade: Remembering October

FIGARO in Greenhills Promenade: Remembering OctoberThis was our next destination after using our paper vouchers for BonAppetea. We went to Greenhills Shopping Center to look for a compatible leather case for my newest and coolest gadget for the year 2011. The one I won from Unlimited R.I.C.E Promo of OpenRice Philippines. Time to do some window shopping and dressing up at the same time my Apple iPad 2 which I considered a hard-earned prize thru non-stop 3 months personal food review.
Armed with a booklet of  Figaro coupons that day, which I accidentally bought from a man named Paul from SmartConcept during the last few days of August, I had no choice but to happily redeem some of the said valid coupons after tediously bargained for my gadget's protector and casing . The best things in life are either free or at a super discounted price, so I thought! Thanks to this man whom I am grateful for dropping at my workplace and sell the limited promotion to me. (Picture of the said booklet can be seen on my next post). 
FIGARO in Greenhills Promenade: Remembering October
Iced Mocha PhP135
We thought we need something that will stimulate us that Thursday night  in order to maximize each others company, so we ordered for this super bold iced Cold Drink. Rich in texture and extra bold in taste.  There is a bitter after-taste as expected of an iced mocha. I believe this is by far the most bitter tasting iced cold coffee I've encountered. But it certainly did serve its purpose- to stimulate us! we enjoyed the drink as we enjoyed our bonding time together. I just had to put a packet of brown sugar for this drink for me to enjoy it all the more.
FIGARO in Greenhills Promenade: Remembering October
We used the coupon which says, " Buy 1 Hot or cold Drink, receive any drink of equal or lesser value FREE!". However, free drink does not include Figaro Frost and Coffee Jelly Float. Meaning to say one cannot order the same thing if it  is Coffee Jelly Float or if it falls under the Figaro Frost category :(

To keep us energized throughout our dinner date we ordered for the following:

FIGARO in Greenhills Promenade: Remembering October
It is one of Figaro's Specialty Pasta. Originally priced at PhP179. I find the pasta dish kinda pale although I was not expecting its sauce to be too dark or reddish in color. Maybe they are just really using the freshest tomato puree to make this recipe possible. Anyway, I tasted some ground pork that somehow made the dish a little lively. Not good for sharing but we were able to make it look adequate for the two of us. The garlic bread slices are such a good combination for the pasta. We were just wondering why fresh basil is not present for aesthetic appeal just like the photos on the menu. Don't get me wrong as I was just curious and not really furious nor complaining. :) Why really?
FIGARO in Greenhills Promenade: Remembering October
BLT Ciabatta 
One of Figaro's sandwiches collection which were our bet among the eight plated sandwiches given on the menu.Originally priced at PhP189. We don't need to ask for it to be splitted into two as obviously it was already good for sharing. As good as BLT burgers we used to have at other restaurants only that this sandwich has too much green leafy vegetables stuffed on it. Something really healthy and generously portioned. Just a perfect companion for our Arrabiatta! 
FIGARO in Greenhills Promenade: Remembering October
We only spent almost Php300 for everything. Truly my booklet of Figaro coupons helped us during the time of financial scarcity. The best!
FIGARO in Greenhills Promenade: Remembering October
The mural which we saw upon exiting the mall. Reminds me of historical map or globe. Somehow reflective of  the wanderlust inside us. Hahaha! Me and my best gastronomic buddy shared the fun of wandering and eating! :) Our very first day into trying to deplete my Figaro coupon booklet. Definitely more to come. Yay!

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