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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Christmas Hooray at MISTER KABAB Middle Eastern & Mediterranean Cuisine

MISTER KABAB Middle Eastern & Mediterranean Cuisine

Christmas Hooray! That was how our college class president wanted to call our mini reunion one dinner time somewhere in West Avenue Quezon City. There was a poll in our closed group Facebook account voting on which place should we meet and dine together. Apparently, it has been five years since most of us somehow lost contact of each other. We've been very busy pursuing our careers in our chosen field. Some became doctors already while others strive to work in a hospital as a registered Nutritionist-Dietitian and still others managed to have a career in a far more different industry and working environment. It was meant to be celebrated days before Christmas and so it happened. Consequently, only six of us came to the said event which is at first disheartening but later on became a very good night. Hooraaaayyy!!! to those who were able to attend in spite of tight schedule. Though we were super incomplete, we managed to update each other of our whereabouts. There were lots of catchin' ups and unending sharing of experiences. It was so glad to meet these peeps again.

MISTER KABAB Middle Eastern & Mediterranean CuisineMISTER KABAB Middle Eastern & Mediterranean Cuisine
Mr. Kabab was our chosen event venue because it is where we could possibly meet halfway. Accessible to most of us! The place is not air conditioned though well-ventilated. I advice you not to wear thick clothes like I did, I never expect it to be very humid that night.
The dining area was lit in such a way that you are on a romantic date of some sort. At first I find it kinda dark and my visual acuity is not helping that much. We chose a long table where we there's plenty of  room for circulating air, we seated by the open window where cars can be parked. Thanks to my friend Kristal for being such a genius. She usually frequents this place when she was still working in Starbucks in Tomas Morato. According to her it is open everyday for 24 hours. It is in here where her co-baristas spend wee hours of the morning. To the rest of us, it was our first time to be dining at this mediterranean restaurant.

MISTER KABAB Middle Eastern & Mediterranean Cuisine
The menu.

Matter-of-factly, it is more like of a quick service restaurant. Prices are relatively at par as those fast  food giants covering the metropolis.  I think I'll dine more in here and bring some of my friends too. Eating at a place serving mediterranean cuisine is not new to me, in fact I'm learning to like their one-of-a kind dishes. Something not borrowed and new and different for my palate to try on.  Above photo is the venue's wall adorned with antique frames (if I am not mistaken) that remind me of church portraits. It was nice seeing such frames being hanged against the wall. I don't know they are related to middle east's cuisine or restaurant's overall appeal but it was marvelous. At least guests has something to look at while waiting for their orders. 

We were given this menu when we were seated. It features a lot of dishes that is reflective of course of Mediterranean cuisine. Moreso, specialties like Shawarma, Keema and Beef Biryani are house favorites and included on the best sellers.

MISTER KABAB Middle Eastern & Mediterranean Cuisine
At the left side of the place near the entrance/exit point are these sweet treats to cap the night off. choose from the wide array of desserts from cream puff, mango mousse, choco fudge, carrot cake, rocky road concorde, decadence, lava cake, rolet, gaz, banana cream pie and many more. We discovered this nook too late after using the powder room and paying for our bill. Next time around I must try some of these. Definitely!
MISTER KABAB Middle Eastern & Mediterranean Cuisine
Mr. Kabab's lighting and ventilation.
Extraordinarily simple and fun dining in here. A must-repeat experience!
MISTER KABAB Middle Eastern & Mediterranean Cuisine
Mango Shake (Php55). Half of the group ordered this refreshing shake. There are other fresh fruit shakes to choose from but not indicated on the menu. Just ask one of the waiters/waitresses to help you. They might be limited to offer you something that uses fresh fruits in season.

Sweet Yoghurt Shake (Php60). This is my new love. Whenever I dine in every Mediterranean restaurant I always buy their yoghurt shake. I dunno I think I just find it such  a perfect match for my meal. It is so delectable considering its price. In here it is cheap yet very satisfying. The poll in our FB closed group was so remarkable. Great to know this place.

MISTER KABAB Middle Eastern & Mediterranean Cuisine
Special Chelo Kabab (Php145)
 MISTER KABAB Middle Eastern & Mediterranean Cuisine
Hummus and Keema
These two go well together with rice or pita bread. I'm really learning their cuisine. Simple as its interior yet truly satisfying.
MISTER KABAB Middle Eastern & Mediterranean Cuisine
Our table that night consisted of only Beryani, Keema, Pita Bread and Hummus. I know most of us do not certainly like the idea of eating a light-looking food on our dinner table as it is not that appetizing to look at and not that plated in a manner that it will delight one's eyes. See it for yourself and indulge on its various flavors. Yes it is absolutely true that the cuisine we had is a vegetable-dominant one but it does not follow that it is not as great tasting as others we see in fancy restaurants. It was that night that I realized that this cuisine I used to hate before offers one of the most flexible and uses such a wide range of ingredients. It was prepared and cooked in a dramatic way like no other did.

MISTER KABAB  Middle Eastern & Mediterranean Cuisine
95-E Quezon Ave. cor. West Ave.
Quezon City, Metro Manila

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