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Monday, January 30, 2012


Are you crazy over crepes? Oh well count me in as I am too crazy with them no matter what
how sweet or savory they may be :) There are some restaurants offering crepes as desserts or main course usually those that has French-inspired cuisine. I want to share with you a stand-alone shop selling crepes. You might have actually saw it if you frequent the Greenhills Shopping Center.
This Crazy Crepes is situated just beside the Greenhills Chapel and it is ideally sinful to crave for it right after saying your prayers or hearing a mass. In a meaningful fashion, my best gastronomic buddy and I had to give in at the delight of eating one. And oh yes before I forgot this place is a NO CONE ZONE! Why so? It is because crepes in here are not plated but rather put into a nice piece of colorful thin paper together with your chosen and freshly prepared crepe shaped into a cone-like figure. Done that way for easy handling. Mind you that you will be given a small spoon to scoop out the goodness beneath, under, or in between the crepe folds. Me and my buddy get loco over this one! Cool!

The CREPE counter

 This is where the crepe cooking and assembly take place. I want to call the people behind this coiunter a Crepe Master. Their capabilities in crepe making requires a lot focus, patience and art as well. I'll share with you a video on crepe making on my next post  :) Watch out for it!

Menu board is available but you may want to choose from the deliciously displayed life-like crepe flavors that is situated at the side part and front part of the establishment. As you find your seat at what seems to be a an al fresco type of seating, you can still get in touch with the crepes as you can behold them at any given point. Also, you can positively see your crepes being cooked or being assembled by the staffs. I actually took a brief video about it with permission of course.

Custard Cream Crepes, Fresh Cream Crepes, Ice Cream Crepes and Hot and Spicy Crepes are available to satisfy varied cravings of its customers. That day I just had my cash prize claimed at the OpenRice headquarters being one of the monthly winners of their promo and to make my day a delightful one together with my buddy. We have to satisfy such as sweet and toothsome cravings here at Crazy Crepes. 

JUST entered a . . .

ZONE ^-^
Mango Banana Crepe

Mango Banana Crepe. This crepe is under the Custard Cream Crepe category. Mango slices and banana pieces blend well together on a creamy and full of custard note in a cone-shaped very thin pancake. Expect to have  a sweet and luscious bite each time. The one we are holding in photo is a largest they could offer yet. They do have a smaller version of it for a lighter snacking mood. You are just required to pay an additional of how many peso to upsize yours. Want it with ice cream? Possible too! Just ask the friendly staff (crepe masters) there and they will make it for you. So when will you enter the NO CONE ZONE? Perhaps later.. Let me know your experience :)

Crazy Crepes
Vira Mall 

Ground Floor 
Beside the Chapel