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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

CASA REYES: The Tradition of Good Food

Facade of the restaurant
Table set up.  Liner , napkin and cutleries :)

Greenhills shopping center is on top of my list whenever I think of buying some personal essentials. Once again tiangee was all set-up and ready to lure locals and toursists alike with the given 'bagsak presyo' but good quality apparels and accessories. In a year I cannot exactly place how many times I visited this place most especially when December comes. This is the place where everything can be found. Shops, chapel, clothing, gadgets, accessories, other home essentials and GH is one of the best places where dining hubs are superb.

Hours have passed and we must stop strolling. I need to be at work by 2PM so I hassled my gastronomic buddy to buy what he still have not yet bought. In a few minutes along the Connecticut carpark area we noticed a familiar restaurant with a very flashy merchandising materials advertising good-looking affordable lunch sets. We gotta try it in here before I collapse due to starvation and more so before I can afford to be late from work.
The menu with unbelievably affordable and delish Filipino food
Lunch crowd

The waiter guided us to join the lunch crowd at Casa Reyes Restaurant. We chose our seat at the far side of the dining area wherein we could have some privacy given the jampacked scenario. 

The place is quite crowded but we were given a nice spot to have our hearty lunch together. It is my first time in here but I have seen this place a couple of times already. That was the special time to judge the place and the heart of the restaurant--the menu. Mostly offered on the menu are Filipino specialties. Regular Barbecues and Special Barbecues I believe are the restaurant's house specialty. However, Rice toppings, Rice Deals, Add-ons like Potato Salad, Macaroni Salad, Fresh Lumpia, Palabok, Fried Lumpia are available too!
Pork Barbecue
My choice is worth Php65 only. A hearty meal with skewered tender pork barbecue and java rice. Sided with atchara and garnished with celery leaves for a more fashionable plating.
Bangus Sisig
However, this was his choice.A sisig dish using fish flakes and not the cholesterol-laden pork sisig. Thus, this is not just a hearty one-dish-meal but good for the heart too! At  Php89 you will never get wrong in choosing this. Placed on a hot sizzling plate not just limited for pulutan but also as a main course or viand. Surprisingly, it is delicious and way better and healthier option than that of its pork counterpart 
One round of refreshing iced tea for the two of us.
If you'll ask me how this restaurant differ from all the other restos offering the same kind of cuisine?. . Casa Reyes Restaurant has added more value to their offerings. You will not worry of the size of your pocket when you go out of the place that you can even do shopping around the corner. All because of the affordability and rich taste of their finished products. A repeat transaction with them is guaranteed :)

Casa Reyes Restaurant

Greenhills Shopping Complex
1st Level, Connecticut Carpark
Ortigas Ave. Greenhills  San Juan City