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Friday, January 27, 2012

Rock Baby Rock at Johnny Rockets

You want entertainment? Then I'll give you one ^_^ Wanna see how Johnny Rockets exemplifies their  diner to be The Home of the Dancing Servers
Stay tune at this video which is such a memorable memento that will forever remind me of our first time at this marvelous place. Keep on rockin and dancing the next few minutes along with the cool staff and supervisors of Johnny Rockets at Robinson's Galleria Veranda. I actually have four more footages that I would like to share. For now I just uploaded the best dancing video of them yet (for me) and the only tagalog dance number that best reflects how rock is it to dine at Johnny Rockets. Are you ready??? Then hit the play button. Enjoy folks!

Johnny Rockets is surely a rockin' way to dine! Experience the place for you to find out :)