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Thursday, January 12, 2012

ROBERTO'S Fry & Roll Ice Cream


Dinner was superb at the inasal house where Vien and I took our dinner together. Now it is about time to hunt for a dessert. All of a sudden I wanted to have an ice cream as a sweet treat to end our entire meal. Inside the mall where we usually are, we knew a lot of options that is just around the corner, there are food establishments that sell ice cream by the scoop, ice cream cakes on the other wing of the mall and ice cream cups mostly from restaurants or stand-alone counters. But what instantly dawn to me is one specialty ice cream shop situated at the first floor level of the mall which I mentally took note to visit when I went for shopping again at SM.

This is what I am telling you guys about, Roberto's Fry 'N Roll Ice Cream.
It is not your usual ice cream placed on a cone or a cup nor ice cream cakes that is designed to be placed on a container to eat and go.
This fried ice cream is assembled-to-order, meaning it is only prepared when someone orders for a specific type or flavor of fried ice cream.

It is no way subjected to  heat of oil but rather into a very cold  freezing platen where it shall be frozen (like frying/cooking a crepe) and then rolled straight from one side to the other until it forms a curl. Choices includes Roberto's Delight and All Time Favorite. Flavors include Ube, Strawberry, Chocolate, Hazelnut, Cookies and Cream, Buko Pandan, Vanilla and so much more. For the toppings there are crushed cookies, colorful sprinkles, chocolate droplets, choco sprinkles and mini marshmallows. However for the syrups/dips, there are chocolate, caramel and strawberry.

This is what I happily ordered . . .

Strawberry Fried Ice Cream with sprinkles of choco droplets and topped with chocolate syrup.
Verdict: My dessert is too sweet that I needed water at just few spoonfuls. I find it to be generous in portion size granting that I only bought it for only Php25. The idea of having one type of topping and syrups is great and truly an enjoyable treat. It is best for kids who wanted to see new things especially food like their favorite ice cream in a fashionable way.
Again, I have a video for my review. This time on how to do the frying of ice cream. Remember no oil involved! Just watch and learn how this lady prepared my Strawberry Fried Ice Cream slowly but surely using the fry ice cream machine. Happy viewing folks!

ROBERTO'S Fry & Roll Ice Cream
Upper Ground Floor
SM City Sta. Mesa
Quezon City