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Thursday, January 26, 2012

JOHNNY ROCKETS: A Rockin' Good Way

It was just last year when I heard that is coming to the Phiilippines. The first time I saw it in broadsheet and in actual during one of those few days when I roam around the mall, I know for a fact that it will be a sure hit in Manila. I was kinda curious as to what it feels like eating at the casual yet rock restaurant. I know for sure that American fare will major the menu but it feels like something movin' and groovin' is happening inside the place. It was just recently that I found out something rockin' cool within this place. That was last year (August 28) when me and my best gastronomic buddy tried this place.

That time we had just finished snacking at two of the snack bars at the topmost level of the mall, but our snacking seems like not very satisfying. So when we reached the veranda part of the mall where few yet brand new line up of food establishments that surely feast one's eyes and taste buds, we started scanning which will best fit our impending satisfaction. It was then when he suggested Johnny Rockets and he was right!
JOHNNY ROCKETS: A Rockin' Good Way
Facade of the American fine dining restaurant. Seeing such a  colorful and full of life diner like this feels like you are in the early 60s, 70s or  maybe 80s in America. Awesome!
JOHNNY ROCKETS: A Rockin' Good Way
The counter area which is very reflective of a typical American diner,
JOHNNY ROCKETS: A Rockin' Good Way
Dining area  with couple of square tables coupled with plenty of seats 
It is cool fact that aside from catering most of their guests inside the comforts of this one-of-a-kind special American dining restaurant , they also can cater at the veranda area where few train seats are available. We  chose to be inside and ultimately feel the ambiance. If you are the type of person who is cool at the al fresco type of facilities then you might try it outside. But for my buddy and I, staying inside is way cooler than we expected.
JOHNNY ROCKETS: A Rockin' Good Way
Jukebox Machine
Each table has this cute little machine for those who want to have a feel-good old music which will certainly reminisce your past. Perfect for our parents, uncles and auties who. It will surely leave them rockin' while dining.
JOHNNY ROCKETS: A Rockin' Good WayHow Sweet it is To Be Loved by You by James Taylor. We tried inserting a peso coin at this jukebox to be able to play the song. It didn't work! However, the manager on duty made her way to our table and told us that it is currently not working but all the jukebox in the other table are. So she played my buddy's chosen song at the biggest jukebox of all at one corner of the diner and presto we heard it playing. Thanks that she initiated to inform us. Otherwise, our peso won't be put to good use. Sweet!
JOHNNY ROCKETS: A Rockin' Good Way
JOHNNY ROCKETS: A Rockin' Good Way
St. Louis
Described on their menu as: Thick bacon, Swiss cheese, grilled onions, fresh lettuce, pickle & our "St. Louis" sauce. A St. Louis favorite!  We find this burger really different from all the American burgers we've tried before. There is something really special with this dish. I think it was the thick bacon and a unique sauce named St. Louis. Whoa! Winner. We had it sliced in half for sharing purposes. 
JOHNNY ROCKETS: A Rockin' Good Way
Smile! This gesture was given to us from the first time we entered the diner, to the point that we were attended by their beautiful waitresses, to the moment when their supervisor asked our concern regarding the not functioning jukebox on our table and up to the very last time that they bid goodbye to us. It was particularly heart warming at how this diner wow their guests. I liked the idea that before giving the catsup bowl to customers, the waitress will find her way to draw it with a winning smiling face using ketchup itself. How touching! 
JOHNNY ROCKETS: A Rockin' Good Way
Yours truly enjoying everything there is at Johnny Rockets!
JOHNNY ROCKETS: A Rockin' Good Way
Unlimited Brewed Coffee
I think I only purchased it for like Php90 and their coffee is great to be really black and brewed. It was kinda strong and I wanted it that way. I had mini jars of milk replenishment because of the said promo hence, more sugar as well. 
JOHNNY ROCKETS: A Rockin' Good Way
Who does not want unlimited fries? I believe NO ONE. :)
Here's the catch--- a monstrous juicy American burger with unlimited fries all for the price of Php300++. Well all their burgers comes with this so-called promo of unlimited fries. So fries binger out there, this might be the place for you. An option to adjust to flavored fries will earn you an additional cost of Php50. Not bad though!  We had so many repeat serving of this to tell you frankly.

It's me and him on a happy disposition. Who will not with the kind of service this diner is giving its guests. Besides they are all too entertaining starting with their very good customer service, the store's set-up, followed by lip-smacking American food and the entertainment that go along with it.  Since we are not that really starving that time we only ordered the above items but will definitely repeat the same experience we had. Happy eating!

The Veranda, Robinsons Galleria
EDSA cor. Ortigas Ave.
Quezon City, Metro Manila

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