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Saturday, January 28, 2012



My mother and I are  frequent customers of the supermarket area of Robinson's Galleria. We find this place complete as compared to those other supermarkets in Metro Manila that is near our place. Everything we need is there waiting to be bought and brought at home. During one of my me time and malling moments I happen to drop by at the supermarket level in order to buy just few of my personal needs. What initially surprised me was this certain eatery lining in front of the supermarket just across where counter area and cashiers are. Moreover,  the said new dining hub is saleable and attractive. Named as Asian Bites. Out of curiosity I'd given myself a chance to break in this place. I felt the need to sample one of their products until such time that I have decided what to order.

I was given a pending number and a copy of my receipt and diligently waited for my order. It was indeed a fast and swift transaction with them. I approved on their idea of placing their store at a location where high foot traffic is. In their case, it was situated just in front of the cashier stations. It is good to take note that they have the power to attract passersby coming mostly from the supermarket or from the food court.

Some of your favorite Asian Bites on display :) 

The dining area is ultra clean and chairs are colored red with some eccentric designs which very well complemented the wooden floor, tables and long chairs. It can approximately accommodate 20-25guests. The dining space is well-lit and very inviting, conducive for some private conversations.

Php49. It is everybody's streetfood favorite, I took this home for me and my mother to share. The styro clamshell box has 4 pieces of pork siomai which are very meaty and tasty that you can actually treat it as a viand, thus partnering it with steamed rice will leave you looking for more. Most of their items are Rice Bowl Meals while Ala Carte and Bento Meals are made available too. When I chanced upon this resto-type Asian diner gain and I happen to be very hungry I will definitely try their Bento items. 

Expect me to have another bite Asian Bites! See you again! My to-go order is just the beginning

Asian Bites
Robinson's Galleria
Ground Level
EDSA cor. Ortigas Ave.
Quezon City, Metro Manila