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Monday, February 25, 2013

Cocina Juan in Maginhawa Street, Quezon City

There's a small eatery in Teacher's Village offering Latin American inspired dishes with a twist that you guys might want to explore. It is named as Cocina ni Juan which is located along Maginhawa Street near Moonleaf Tea Shop. The place looked welcoming, humble and incredibly full of surprises. The signage is eye catching because of the big chili suspended from a post.It became a trademark that gained a lot of repeat first time customers especially from the foodies who love searching for places that still remain undiscovered for many. This was established some four years ago and a brainchild of three Adviento male siblings. The restaurant is considered a fusion cuisine but started as a TexMex idea. Mr. Robert Adviento went to Nicaragua to work there then decided to return to the Philippines after how many years to put up a unique restaurant together with his brothers. But are you curious who on earth is Juan? It is actually his third brother.
There are three long tables outside the restaurant and actually  an ideal  place to unwind with close friends after school and office hours. Common guests here are college students and yuppies.

From the facade to insides, one can really say that people behind this are artists because of its broad and diverse taste when it comes to style and idea. It is totally different from the hole in the wall restaurants that I've been to.
Inside look of Cocina Juan. It could cater to about 10-15 persons. Small, strange and surrounded with paintings, out-of-this-world decors, assorted and colorful and branded wine bottles that will definitely piqued your curiosity. Most of the paintings were created by Mr. Robert himself, some by his brothers and some others by local artists. They came from a family who loves painting, music and food. Ergo, that love reflects so much with the way they put up their food business and restaurant set up.
Should you want to perform your party, get together, date or any celebration that pops up your mind, you may bring a bottle or two of wine in here without any corkage fee. That is so true! They won't ask for any additional payment for that. In case you want to leave your expensive empty bottle/s of wine, rhum or brandy so be it and the owners might have it included in their incredible bottle collection beautifully displayed at one corner for viewing pleasure of guests.
Nachos Supremo Todo PhP249
A long and huge platter of colorful nachos with everything on it. Loaded with ground pork, cooked beans, cheese sauce and grated cheese. Surely an amazing way to start off the feast.
Tostadas PhP169
A Latin American toast or a  crisp tortilla over layers of vegetables. Fried corn tortilla is topped with lettuce, slices of tomatoes, grated cheese and drizzled with sour cream sauce and honey mustard sauce.
Chicken Burritos Grande PhP199
A large wheat flour tortilla wrapped into cylindrical shape with ground chicken and refried beans, onions and corn. A Mexican food that I could not afford to say no! Good for 2-3 persons. I liked its colorful plating,  huge portion size, and heavy filling.
Tortilla Ensalada De Cocina Juan PhP169
An ensalada inspiration that motivates me to eat healthy and live beautifully. Dressing (not on the picture) is egg mayo based that was so rich in flavor and at par with the texture of the salad dish.
Baked Fish Con Mozzarella PhP299
The best deal under the Fish Inspirations list. Creamy, cheesy, a nice fish dish and oh so yummy. I could never forget how stellar this baked main course is, from plating to taste, it is indeed a winner!
Churrasco Fiesta PhP549
It is a platter of local garlic sausages and skewers of beef, chicken and pork. Great for sharing. A feast on itself.
Cerdo Castillo Chimichurri PhP289
Yummylicious por ribs served with chimichurri or Perso Nicaraguense, a popular North American sauce originally from Argentina. This sauce is so perfect for grilled meats. This is made of chopped fresh parsley, oregano, olive oil, vinegar,  garlic, and red pepper flakes. Squeeze the lemon for an extra delicious kick.
Chuleta De Cordero PhP259
A juicy plate of grilled lamb chops that has an exceptional kind of taste. Slightly garlicky and salty with really tender meat and sided with brown rice and green veggies.
Sopa Borracha Con Frio Crema PhP159
Caramelized Rum over Butter Cake was such a blessing. The only dessert that our group were able to try that afternoon. It is made out of caramelized rhum with my favorite combination of cinnamon and raisins on a sponge cake then topped with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. You could just imagine how drool-worthy it was. Make sure not to forget to drizzle or squeeze it with lemon before digging in. The taste was incredibly fine. A heavenly fusion of tartness and sweetness!
The Adviento brothers. They re hand on with their business and we were so fortunate to meet them.
Our deserted table. An unforgettable feast of Latin American dishes. Te amo Cocina Juan!
There's is more to this place than good food and astonishing set up. Unique pieces of charm bracelets and necklaces with decorative trinkets are for sale. Who knows you might find that dream pendant you've been wanting.
Nowadays, Maginhawa Street is comparable to Makati, at least in terms of selling point. Like Makati there are lots of hidden gems along this street on this side of Teacher's Village that is worth trodding. Have you experienced dining here at Cocina Juan? How was it? So far what's your favorite dish? Any Latin American Restaurant that you wish to recommend?

Cocina Juan was made possible because of LOVE, love for food and love for exploring and creating FOOD.  It continues to promise to create fusion dishes that warms the heart.

100 Maginhawa St., Teacher's Village, Quezon City, Philippines
(02) 4343911
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