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Saturday, February 09, 2013

TeaTap Cafe in Wilson Street San Juan is WORLD OF TEA

TeaTap Cafe in Wilson Street San Juan is World of Tea
I love Mondays though I know a lot of people slightly unlike the beginning of the week. I love Mondays because aside from it marks the beginning of another week, it is an opportune time for me to discover great experiences and great food spots as well while dealing with new individuals. Last Monday, after conducting a brief food review at a pastry shop in Tomas Morato, Quezon City, my food blogmates and I went directly to Wilson Street to scout for a milk tea shop and in no time we found ourselves inside a cafe serving tasty tea called TeaTap Cafe. This is where we killed time while waiting for our next food stop to commence in Rockwell Center in Ortigas, just a few meters from our chosen place to stay and have tea time. That day, I learned that TeaTap Cafe is under the same umbrella of Kozui, a favorite dessert place of mine located along Tomas Morato. that was introduced to me by my bestfriend last year.
TeaTap Cafe in Wilson Street San Juan is World of Tea
TeaTap Cafe in Wilson Street San Juan is World of Tea
This cafe is so near my home, let's just say one jeepney ride which is about 5 to 10 minutes travel time. I believe this is the biggest milk tea shop, the coziest, friendliest and the most exciting place to be in. It has strong wifi connection, presentable staff but not smiling, has huge dining area with variety of secluded spots to choose from, has enough vacant parking space, and last but not the least, it has an area where exciting nd colorful merchandise can be found. Our group of 4 members settled on a semi-circle couch at the middle of the cafe fronting the cashier and bar area.
TeaTap Cafe in Wilson Street San Juan is World of Tea
TeaTap Cafe in Wilson Street San Juan is World of Tea
One of my blogmates, Aldous, is a regular customer of TeaTap Cafe to the point that the staff and even the owner are already too familiar with him and his girlfriend. He shared to us how many Tapcards he expended and I was so lucky that day for he treated me to a good cup of tea of my choice. This is because he successfully earned his 10th stamp which is equivalent to any free drink. Cool! I therefore ordered from the Cheese Mousse Series since I was salivating over salted cheese that time. By the way, to be eligible to own a Tapcard or reward card, you must first buy at least one grande drink. Simple.
TeaTap Cafe in Wilson Street San Juan is World of Tea
Takoyaki PhP120
We actually did not plan to eat heavily here but this guy friend of ours insisted on buying something to consume apart from the beverages we had. A plate of Osaka style grilled octopus balls made our day brighter. A plate consisted of five pieces balls made with authentic Japanese ingredients that tickles our palate. This is extremely far from the takoyaki balls that we usually see and purchase from food stall in malls. It looks and tastes like that of Kozui's actually. The bonito flakes which is similar to wood shavings caught my attention. These balls taste so well that I can finish another plate.
Tea Tap Cafe in Wilson Street San Juan is World of Tea
Malt Black Milk Tea, Chocolate Cheese Mousse and Wintermelon Cheese Mousse
Grande in size that is worth PhP105 each. We sipped each other's drink to compare the taste and freshness and everything was so delicious. Our dear friend Ann needed to feedback the barista about her malt milk tea for it has more malt and pearl sago that she could have imagined. It was graciously replaced which made her satisfied and calm.
TeaTap Cafe in Wilson Street San Juan is World of Tea
TeaTap Cafe in Wilson Street San Juan is World of Tea
Now, will you dare shake, wiggle, sip and say aaaaaaahhh...??!! There's a bunch of options to choose from at TeaTap Cafe. It is a indeed a world of tea for you may choose tea drinks under Fresh Brewed Tea, Herbal Grass Jelly, Milk Tea Series, Tea Alternatives, Fruit Tea, Matcha Milk Tea, and Yakult Series. If you want to take home tea leaves and tea bags, this cafe has enough stocks to cater the needs of its valued customers. Look for the assorted Kozui tin cans beside the cashier station and choose among them. This cafe deserves my consecutive visits from me and will share to you my experience each time. I have yet to taste more of their food items to find out more thrilling ideas about this place.

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