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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Caffe Bene Coffee Cupping Session

Caffe Bene Coffee Cupping Session
Yours truly was invited to the Exclusive Party of Caffe Bene in Eastwood held about two weeks ago. The ultimate goal of the event is for the food bloggers, coffee addicts and connoisseurs to taste the Bene difference! I was actually planning to visit this place before I leave the country this month and it is but timely that I expressed my interest about knowing their coffee deeply. While I'm creating this blog post I am actually with my foodie partner sipping a great cup of White Mocha together here at their stunning branch in Eastwood.

Caffe Bene was founded in May 2008 by Sun-Kwon Kim, who is the current CEO of the brand. This cafe is the largest coffeehouse in South Korea in terms of the number of stores. Here in the Philippines, there are already two stores- Eastwood and Mall of Asia.
Caffe Bene Coffee Cupping Session
Before the participants are formally introduced to the coffee cupping session we were asked and educated why do people cup. Here are some of the reasons: quality and price discovery; purchasing (for origin or blending use); QA systems; blending and Subject to Approval or Sample application. We were then guided to proceed to the actual session.
Caffe Bene Coffee Cupping Session
Caffe Bene Coffee Cupping Session
Firstly, the people behind the brand here in the Philippines showed us three different containers filled with coffee beans. As shown above from left to right, coffee beans are light in color and the last one being the darkest. For your information, the leftmost container is the Caffe Bene coffee bean sample.
Caffe Bene Coffee Cupping Session
For the sample preparation procedure, each group of four was tasked to do the cup pouring. So how was it done? We were required to bring to boil the freshly drawn water. Once achieved, we need to fill each cup up to the rim to sufficiently wet all coffee grounds and wait for exactly 3 minutes before breaking in using a coffee spoon, making sure that it won't contaminate the other cup. The very last step is essential for it ends the cooking process. Kindly see the photo above. See the difference? The leftmost side is Caffe Bene's medium roast coffee. The other two are what the popular coffee shop in our country is using- dark, very strong and with bitter after taste.
Caffe Bene Coffee Cupping Session
After successfully finishing the cupping session each participant was then served with their signature kiss mug containing Caffe Bene's Medium Roast Coffee. It is bold and smooth, naturally sweet (slightly similar to caramel taste for me) and less bitter! Furthermore, what's so good about their coffee is the fact that they roast their own coffee beans and only get 2% of the world's best beans. They religiously do medium roasting and do "roasting before blending method."

So are you now ready to taste the Bene difference? I challenge you now. After all, a cup of their coffee is worth trying and investing your time with. Enjoy and begin each day with great coffee experience.

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Bagumbayan, Quezon City
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