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Saturday, March 09, 2013

Cupido Gelato by Stickhouse

Gelato on a stick? Ever heard or experienced that kind of thing? We usually have gelato by the cup, but I'm pretty sure some of us have tried this Authentic Italian Gelato by Stickhouse already. I first saw its cool shop in Trinoma beside Bigoli about two years ago offering assorted Sorbet, Regular and Premium Gelato that are totally guilt-free and all-natural! Hence, anybody who's on a diet will certainly enjoy its assorted flavors, toppings and dip. My very first experience was love at first bite and it is but essential for me to repeat such a remarkable experience in order to cool me down especially that summer has officially arrived. Recently, I've tried their latest offering aptly called Cupido Gelato.

Desire, love and attraction. This is what cupido means and for a gelato it is worth mentioning that those description truly apply. Just so you know, Gelato is a creamy Italian cold dessert. Compared to regular ice cream, gelato has less fat, more milk and less cream. Gelato also whips in less air which makes it a denser, creamier, richer and more indulgent cold treat. Cupido Gelato was initially offered during the love month but is still very much available up to now. This could have been an ideal and sweet way to cool down that hot Heart's day. Good thing that this is still up for grabs for those who have not yet tasted its sweet filling and the  delirious joy it brings. Strawberry filled with Chocolate gelato and Chocolate filled with Vanilla gelato are a must-try. Should be eaten as soon as they are served for they easily melt. Both has intense flavors because of less fat content that is naturally worth another round. Available in all Stickhouse and Ristorante Bigoli branches.

Curious how create a perfect gelato that suits you, simply follow this three simple steps and you are good to go. Top it and dip it anyway you want. You'll be ecstatic with the result! No wonder it is quickly becoming a favorite.
Suddenly craving for Gelato on a stick? You can actually have one anytime with a deal that is worth buying. Click here for more info. Now, you can treat yourself with less guilt and  totally refreshing and unforgettable stick as the promo indicates Stickhouse Gelato and Sorbet with Chocolate Dip and Pistachio Toppings for two at a very low price which can be availed in multiple branches. It is a YAY I know :)

Branches: SM Megamall -G/L Bldg.A TriNoma -Levels 1&4 and Bigoli,Eastwood Citywalk 1

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