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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Betty's Body Form

Betty's Body Form
Betty's Body Form has now occupied a new space at Unit 9, Ground Floor Sunshine Square, Liberty Center Shaw Boulevard, Mandaluyog City. Since yesterday was its grand opening, the owner decided to have a BUY 1 TAKE 1 promo to entice passersby and guests. They used to have a branch along Boni Avenue but since they want to expand and become more and more popular they transferred to this side of Mandaluyong City.
Betty's Body Form
Perhaps your parents, aunts and uncles have encountered this brand before which was originally labelled as the "Magic Camison." Since 1965, Betty's Body Form has been won by hundreds of celebrities (including Mystica and Regine Tolentino), politicians, brides and powerful women all over the country. The product line has evolved over the years that surprisingly include different types of body forms not just for women but more so for men and kids that they will surely find suitable and helpful in correcting their posture.But seriously, who is the woman behind the brand?

Betty's Body Form
D' Original Betty's Body Form is owned and conceptualized by Ms. Petronila "Betty" S. Rullada. She is a fashion designer and an innovator that truly promotes healthy lifestyle complemented with fashion. Her work earned recognition here and abroad for her contribution in inspiring a sense of confidence in women through her products. To name a few awards she garnered are Centennial Award and the Most Outstanding Body Form Consultant of the Philippines by Lingap sa Puso Media Awards.
Betty's Body Form Here are some of Betty's Body Form products presented during the grand opening. From left to right, Unisex Waist Pincher (Half Girdle Corset), Whole Body Corset, Ladie's Sando Corset and Men's Sando Corset. I instantly fell in love with the second and third samples that after covering the said event I excitedly tried them both. These are some of the things I discovered after the try out adn interviewing the owner and her subordinates:
1. A good tummy trimmer as it cuts off 2-3 inches on my waist upon fitting. Would you believe that this is ideal as post natal corset for women who have just given birth? 
2. It corrects posture.
3. Believed to help rid off body pains related to back problems.
4. A disciplinary approach to minimize food intake.
5. Post-surgery and post-natal support for recuperating patients.

Sleeve Arm Girdle (Arm Reducer). A newly-invented body girdles that includes arms and reinforced abdomen. This is invisible under clothing.
Betty's Body Form
Yes, Betty's Body Form corset, brassiere and posture braces do not come in black and nude colors alone. Some colors as you can see in photos above are available too. It is good to point out that these body forms are recommended by doctors and specialists for scoliosis and osteoporosis prevention and treatment. This, it helps in attaining desired body form and proportion. What is so cool about them is that they can be customized in such a way that it is specifically designed for you. Moreover, Betty's Body Form has no qualified competitor in the market at present so it is considered unique. Advantages would also include being economical, affordable and trademarked. '

Now, I have to bid goodbye to my girdle that is not that efficient at all for so many years whenever I am obliged to wear a gown. At least now that I have my own body corset, it  is equal to no stomach bulging above my waistline plus the excellent fact of aiding me in correcting my posture. How nice is that?!