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Tuesday, December 04, 2012

FlapJacks in Theater Mall Greenhills

FlapJacks in Greenhills
It was all Soul's Day when Ma and I went here to grab a delightful and great dinner. For some reasons I wanted to go to Greenhills to spend some quality time with her. I was answering again the call of my itchy feet that is so uncontainable. Before actually taking our meal at this familiar neighborhood restaurant, we went to tiangge, roam around until we have depleted our energy and realize that we needed some replenishments.
FlapJacks in Greenhills
The FlapJacks Restaurant is known as a home of Your Favorite American Comfort Food. I cannot recall the time I was at this place but for sure I have dined here before enjoying unlimited coffee and some pancakes. I've always considered myself as laking Greenhills Shopping Center or laking San Juan so I'm well aware that this was exactly where Pilita's Restaurant-Bar stood before, owned by highly-acclaimed singer and host. Few years back I witnessed the presence of some local artists here especially Kuya Germs.

As we all know, breakfast is the most important part of your diet. It pays vital role in nourishing our body and energizing our day. Hence, my mother ordered this hefty breakfast platter. I was so grateful that FlapJacks never fail to offer All Day Breakfast Meals that serve as comfort food to many. I told my mother not to overeat so as to avoid her blood sugar level to rise tremendously. Glad she heeded and took home her leftovers.
FlapJacks in Greenhills American Pancake Platter PhP395
FlapJacks in Greenhills
Her big and surely heavy plate consisted of three big pieces of light and fluffy buttermilk pancakes, two sunny side up eggs (optional), garlic sausage, bacon strip and fresh fruit slices placed in a cute ramekin. It was a complete meal and too filling for her to finish in just one seating so I had to help her out with the pancake. The only downside we both commented was about the not-so-tasty big pancakes. Sure they were really big and awesome but lacked the fine taste of the real buttermilk ones. We highly and seriously suggest to make some amends on the recipe and wishing that next time we order this very same platter, it has improved a lot.
Cajun Spiced Pork Chop PhP325
FlapJacks in Greenhills
On the other hand, since I wanted mine a bit extraordinary and truly satisfying so I diligently followed my heart's desire. I was swayed by the You'll Love This! tag beside the name of this dish and extreme joy followed. The pork chop was grilled to ultimate perfection, done in a way that is easy to chew and swallow and served with the delicious apple gravy sauce. Served with two small scoops but very flavorful Tex-Mex rice and sided with mixed veggies. 'Twas a high protein and well-balanced meal for me.
FlapJacks in Greenhills
Strawberry Milkshake PhP145    Pineapple Juice PhP75
FlapJacks in Greenhills
So tempted to a quencher that can serve both as a sweet ender and beverage, I ended up ordering this creamy and fruity milkshake. I just cannot comprehend the design on top but it was such a lovely drink you should not dare miss even if the place has an airconditioning that'll keep you shivering. Mama had a glass of PJ for a healthier drink, not too sweet and rich in fiber. Simply good for her current diet. I advice you to get a table away from the ACU to keep you from becoming chilly and from your food being cold easily. I was so fortunate that I have with me my reliable jacket that evening and have Ma borrow it for a while.

Other FlapJacks branch is situated in Retail Center, Ayala TechnoHub. Will have to check this out since I heard that they have better and conducive space there.

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