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Friday, December 28, 2012

Learning Online BETTER

I have always believed that learning is a continuous process. Each day we acquire new knowledge, skills, value and behaviors that reflect how we live our life. Hence, we learn and unlearn some things everyday and these things could make our life BETTER than ever.  Thanks to the influx of technology and the advent of internet because whether we agree or disagree their presence sustainably make our learning a whole lot easier, faster and enjoyable. Students greatly appreciate the existence of computers and so do the teachers.

Learning Online BETTER

It doesn't always mean that you have to be confined within the four walls of a room in order to gain new ideas. Encouragement and inspiration are two of the best things that a teacher could do for their students. Something that could shape the world of the self-learners. Say for example, consider learning as something beyond memorization and homework. There's a lot of creative and fun-filled activities that belong to this category of shaping the self-learner. A lot of people kill their time reading, playing and surfing the internet for more important facts and information and for those who simply has an interest in education or are currently in the field of education, there is a website which is aimed at providing information and material for educators who want to further their learning online in order to become better at what they do.  Imagine a digital learning environment!

Learning Online BETTER
The website was launched last year and was named www.bebetter.com.ph. This online resource site caters to teacher solely and therefore provides free articles on a variety of topics like teaching tips, book features, profiles on writers and other educators. Developed by a dedicated editorial team, the website also has other contributing writers who are teachers themselves and welcomes more contributors.
Learning Online BETTER The website is the culmination of all the efforts of Saint Mary’s Publishing Corporation (SMPC) President Jerry Catabijan, who came to a family who’s been in the textbook publishing business for over 47 years. By the way, the word “BETTER” in Be Better is actually an acronym which stands for “Better Education Thrives Through Endless Reading." Ergo, as per Mr. Catabijan, Be Better is not just a website – it’s a philosophy that my company lives by and the website is perhaps its most visible expression right now.  To get updates about this  online resource site, you may want to LIKE them on Facebook. Simply click this link: http://www.facebook.com/BeBetterPhil.

Learn and be informed.  Remember that the secret of success is through learning!