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Saturday, December 29, 2012

Mochiko Mochi: Expensive yet Special

Mochiko Mochi: Expensive yet Special
My dear friend and I were strolling the mall one pay day afternoon. We were in search of a nice pair of comfy slippers to alleviate the pain of our aching feet when we stumbled upon this elegant kiosk selling mochi. I've seen a lot of this black-colored kiosk in major malls here in Manila and I can't decipher even up to now why this creative Japanese dessert or brand has been earning a lot of rave given its suggested retail price. I've sampled other mochi brands before but this girl friend of mine insisted on buying for the sake of whatever. Japanese desserts keep on mushrooming - there are brands like Mochi Creme, Mochi Sweets, Dezato Mochi and Koori but to tell you honestly this is my very first time to blog about my mochi experience. And Mochiko is the famous one that has a great recall for me, perhaps because it is known to be a pioneer here in the Philippines.

Mochiko Mochi: Expensive yet Special
But what is exactly mochiko and why it is called as such? Mochiko surprisingly means the glutinous rice flour that is used in making the Japanese confection or mochi. Traditionally, mochi is filled with sweet red bean paste and eaten as snack but this brand that my friend and I snacked a few weeks ago was infused with a new twist. Something different and a notch better that that of presently available in the market. 
Mochiko Mochi: Expensive yet Special
Mochiko Cookie Dough mochi PhP70
Mochiko Mochi: Expensive yet Special
Mochiko Potato Chip Chocolate mochi PhP70
These are light and quick food that we have eaten before our dinner meal. And they are pretty awesome! Of course I could not exactly tell how good was my friend's mochi choice though I've witnessed how much she enjoyed biting into this expensive little thing. Let's just concentrate on the one I picked since this is the most fast-moving and newest addition to Mochiko's flavors.
Mochiko Mochi: Expensive yet Special
My first bite a delight!
We were instructed on how to eat our Mochiko ice cream so we were obliged to thaw them for few minutes before biting into them, otherwise we could have eaten a very hard mochi and possibly did not enjoy it at all. To know if they are ready to consume, you have to test if it is soft enough by gently pressing down on them. I super duper like the taste and texture of my chosen mochi, it is sweet and salty at the same time with itsy bitsy chewy and crunchy part. What's inside the this mochi are chocolate-covered potato chips specially made by Risa Chocolates combined with rich Belgian Chocolate ice cream by Fruits in Ice Cream, one of my favorite ice cream brands. No wonder Mochiko mochis are really expensive because premium ingredients such as real and dairy ice cream from FIC were used and that only special techniques were used in creating such a divine Japanese dessert. each of them are truly made with love!

Other variants are: Green Tea, Azuki, Oreos and Milk, Caramel, Black Sesame, Milk Tea, Vanilla, Mango, Chocolate, Strawberry, Avocado, Coffee, Strawberry & Yoghurt, and Mango & Yoghurt. Can't wait to taste them all. 

Will you grab one now and enjoy the decadent mochi craze?

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