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Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Fely J's Kitchen in Greenbelt: Filipino and Asian Home Cooking

Fely J'sKitchen in Greenbelt: Filipino and Asian Home Cooking
Photo courtesy of LJC Restaurants
A humble and generous woman treated me and some selected few beautiful people at this sophisticated restaurant in Greenbelt last month. It was like a mini get together at her favorite dining hub that offers a variety of Filipino and Asian dishes. Matter-of-factly, we were slated to meet at Lolo Dad's but due to her deep craving for Fely J’s Dilis-cious Rice we had no choice but to submit to her overwhelming desire. I was so looking forward to this very experiential moment together with the good-natured people I met this 2012 and I love how the relationship grows into a meaningful one. And with a tasteful note we had a simple celebration at a place named Fely J's Kitchen that certainly feels like home.

But who is this Fely J by the way? Well, this woman is better known as Felicidad de Jesus-Cruz, mother of the late restaurateur Larry J. Cruz (LJC Restaurants). Fely J's served as the premium place to features her treasured recipes which she collated in her travels. And here are some of them. . .
Fely J'sKitchen in Greenbelt: Filipino and Asian Home Cooking
Fely J's Bangus Belly PhP395
The classic and famous sinigang made of guava. So rich, tempting and extremely luscious. This is the great Filipino comfort food that undeniably mirrors our excellent cooking and reinvention. I never tasted this kind of sinigang before that I almost forgot where I truly was. I truly enjoyed every soup spoonful with its exact amount of sourness, veggies and meat slices that will leave you intensely desiring for more. Believe me this is a must try soup. I HEART Fely J's Bangus Belly!
Fely J'sKitchen in Greenbelt: Filipino and Asian Home Cooking
Fely J's Dilis-cious Rice  PhP205
Tita Kit was right for encouraging us to try this rice dish. Remember, had it not been for this platter we wouldn't be there that night savoring and devouring these Fely J's style dishes. The Jasmine steamed rice was topped with overflowing Dilis deep-fried with taosi. Need I say more? Kanin pa lang, ulam na :)
Fely J'sKitchen in Greenbelt: Filipino and Asian Home Cooking
Lola Ising's Adobo PhP395
Fely J'sKitchen in Greenbelt: Filipino and Asian Home Cooking
Rumor has it that this is the ultimate secret of Fely J's long life. If that is the case then we should be eating this frequently - Crisp pork adobo with lots of garlic!!!!! It truly exudes with deep flavor and aroma perfect even for a plain steamed cup of rice. Obviously, the chef behind this recipe has great love for garlic as it uses unpeeled garlic cloves. Made me think that garlic really has potent and effective healing properties making it at the top of the list of commonly ordered dish. All I know is that it has antioxidant properties which helps in lowering down blood pressure.
Fely J'sKitchen in Greenbelt: Filipino and Asian Home Cooking
Crispy Patang Bawang PhP575
Another dish that is so full and rich of garlic, but this time around garlic are toasted to perfection making it more appealing to eat along with crispy pork  legs/meat then dip in vinegar-soy special sauce and atchara. Sinful. Great. Makes a good viand or pulutan :) Flavorful not just outside but most importantly at the core.
Seafood Kare-Kare PhP525 was also present on our round table but I wasn't able to take a good pic of that because of everybody's excitement for the guilt free and healthier way to eat kare-kare. All  can say is that the recipe is surreptitiously delicious! Promise me you gotta order one or you lose all the goodness of authentic Filipino cuisine.
Fely J'sKitchen in Greenbelt: Filipino and Asian Home Cooking
Green Mango Shake PhP145
My favorite smoothie is such a reliable partner for my every exquisite Filipino meal experience.
Fely J'sKitchen in Greenbelt: Filipino and Asian Home Cooking
Sikreto ni Maria Clara PhP165
My seatmate Ate Joy positively pushed us in ordering this dessert. I asked what is so secret about the thing? She just smiled and left me hanging of our conversation. I wonder why and then moments later the waiter served us this huge plate covered with coconut ice cream (which I first thought vanilla-flavored ice cream). And guess what's hidden in those heavenly cold layers topped with slivers of panocha? It was suman. Truly enigmatic. Clearly, that was my first encounter of the infamous dessert that is served at Bistro Remedios in Malate for the past 20 years. Imagine that!
Canonigo with Mango Balls PhP105
Another dessert that wowed us was this brazo de mercedes-look-a-like. More like the unrolled type. Canonigo literally means parish priest and perhaps that made our dinner blessed with so much goodness with perfectly unforgettable flavors. This dessert is so rich, creamy and truly worth ordering! mmmMMMelts in your mouth.

If there's one restaurant that would perfectly suit my dear relatives taste, I bet this is the one! Looking forward to bring them here little by little. And to the dear woman who introduced this restaurant to me and the rest of my friends, I'm deeply grateful for the exposure without the guilt and artificial touches just the way dishes were prepared :)

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