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Thursday, December 13, 2012

NUTRITALK: A Night of Sweet Indulgence

NUTRITALK: A Night of Sweet Indulgence

More that a week ago, I was invited by my college professor, Ms. Joan Sumpio, who is also a colleague in Nutrition and Dietetics industry to cover a company and product presentation of the new company that she is now connected with- Nutritalk. The event took place at the Century Park Hotel with the theme "A Night of Sweet Indulgence." 

You might be wondering what exactly is Nutritalk. As a Nutionist-Dietitian, I know that this company could be an answer to better our health and wellness thus, it innovates products that are beneficial to our health. Nutritalk, as a matter-of-fact is your weight management specialty company which offers weight and fitness management products.Its products are well-researched, formulated and manufactured based on approved Food and Drug Authority (FDA) standards.

NUTRITALK: A Night of Sweet Indulgence
Mr. Phil C. Zarraga, General Manager of Nutritalk, as he slowly introduce to the crowd of nutritionists, dietitians, doctors, nurses, and end users who are present that night, the series of products that specifically aimed at health and fitness conscious individuals, like you and me, and more so those who lead active lifestyles with weight or weight-related problems.
NUTRITALK: A Night of Sweet Indulgence
Weight Ah Minute! (WAM) 3 in 1 Coffee is an instant powdered coffee drink mix that is so ideal to drink without the presence of aspartame. Each box contains 7 sachets wherein each sachet has 20 grams. PhP19.75 per sachet and PhP138.25 per box.
NUTRITALK: A Night of Sweet Indulgence
Dolcea is a prebiotic sweetener that is definitely safe and sweet to consume, has pure Stevia and with Organic Fiber. This is entirely different from the artificial sweeteners that are available in the market nowadays as this is the helthier refined sugar substitute that is first in the Philippines with the combination of Organic inulin and Stevia (Rebaudioside A). A substitute sweetener that offers inulin, a dietary fiber (known as prebiotic) that can be good for digestive system. Each box contains 20 sachets wherein each sachet is only 1 gram. PhP125 per box and PhP1500 per box of 240 sachets. Great for diabetic patients or relatives of yours. Sprinkle Dolcea into your cold or hot beverage or onto food and desserts. Proudly 100% natural.
NUTRITALK: A Night of Sweet Indulgence
Ms. Trinidad P. Trinidad, a Nutrition Scientist-Consultant from Food and Nutrition Research Institute was also present to grace the event. She tackled briefly the nutrtional and health benefits of coconut sap sugar/syrup. Another consultant from Aalst Chocolate gave also a talk about the successful chocolate company in Singapore and its processing techniques.
NUTRITALK: A Night of Sweet Indulgence
Weight Ah Minute! (WAM) Chocoholics is the most desirable product that Nutritalk came up with. It comes in four variants: Power Green Chocolate Bar, Power Red Chocolate Bar, Alert Chocolate Bar and Sexy Chocolate Bar. Each bar is 38 grams has 180 calories only! Something worth indulging for and guilt-free too :) These chocolates have a common denominator of having 65% Dark Chocolate (cocoa mass, sugar, cocoa butter, emulsifier, lecithin and natural vanilla) and the rest are their peculiar active ingredients. Allow me to show it with you. . .

1. Power Green Chocolate Bar -  organic barley powder, alfalfa powder, wheatgrass powder and spinach powder.
2. Power Red Chocolate Bar - elderberry juice powder and cranberry juice powder.
3Alert Chocolate Bar - ginseng extract, green tea extract (EGCG) and natural caffeine.
4.  Sexy Chocolate Bar - green coffee bean extract, garcinia cambogia extract, green tea extract (EGCG).
By the way, Weight Ah Minute! (WAM) Chocoholics is manufactured by Theo and Philo Chocolate.

Nutritalk envisions to be recognized as the most credible, trusted and innovative go-to source of weight management and wellness products that help consumers achieve a healthier and happy life. They are committed to develop science-based products and services which aims to support weight management and other health and wellness goals of clients. Also, to promote a healthy healthy habit among Filipinos to regularly incorporate weight management products and lifestyle practices which will improve their nutrition and health.

With the tagline, "Providing the best of nature and science for your health." surely this company is so promising that it could definitely help address fitness and weight management needs.

For more information, you may call Nutritalk's head office at (632) 936-3326.