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Saturday, December 08, 2012

Experience Christkindlmarket: A European Christmas Tradition

It is certainly a season to be jolly!!! And I'm pretty sure most of us are already humming ♩ ♪ ♫ fa-la-la-la-la-la-la-la-la ♬ ♭ ♮ and what's the better way to enjoy the first few days of christmas month? I bet you would want to enjoy a European Winter Christmas. Yes! You got it right. How? Simply head on to SM Mall of Asia Ice Skating Rink and experience a European Christmas Celebration, better known as Christkindlmarket. For your information it is fist in Manila and you must not be the last to experience the pleasure of holiday shopping and MORE.I went here twice and you could just imagine how joyous my stay was. There were so many activities and performances which are very interesting to witness. Keeping you self busy this season by attending events like this is like triple the fun and I assure you that this is way better that bumming around in your home all day.
This is my boarding pass to a European Christmas.  Ticket is priced at PhP200 each.  There are a lot of vendors participated the first ever Christkindl Market here in Manila and surely there's a lot to discover and experience. You'll certainly won't leave the place without a bag or two of goodies or gift items. One will feel like experiencing the Christkindlmarket in Nuremberg, Germany. This will run from December 3-9, 2012 so hurry and have an early Christmas shopping the European way.

Free food tasting are here and there so expect to be full by less than an hour or so. I suggest you really do the tasting being offered. Experience. Discover. Appreciate. among the very first food items I've tasted were Holy Cow's Fresh Milk, Rauch's Happy Day 100% Orange and a pasta dish from Dona Elena.
 Chocolate Fire's Popcorn. Lusciously chocolate-coated to perfection. Expect pure pleasure in every pop.
French Baker's Orange Chocolate Parisian Macaron. I know a good macaron when I taste one. They have the affordable ones actually and I don't know if I'm partial to the brand because I used to work for them before or what. But one thing is true at least for me, they may not have the superior tasting variants for parisian macarons yet they have these awesome selection. Visit their stall now because they have the biggest and the most attractive site. One of my favorites :) I even got the chance to meet my former colleague managing their shop there.
 While roaming around I chanced upon this shop selling this Christmas Countdown/Advent Calendar. So what is so unique and meaningful about this Christmas gift?  This traditional advent calendar according to the owner marks the days of Advent by counting the days from first day of December until Christmas day. As you can see the colorful calendar has 25 wrapped presents wherein each contains either a food or a toy and that they are numbered from 1 to 25. This is so in order to guide the child which on to open per day. Take note that each ift has words from the bible thus, a meaningful Christian activity. Isn't it so cool and fun that you may customize it?
There are authentic European food and live entertainment. Name it and you will most likely find everything at the Christkindlmarket.
My lunch that afternoon together with my companion was declared to be a no rice meal! That's insanely true but favorable on my end. Who would say no to authentic German Sausage from Fraulein Sausages? I'm sure no one! I tried this Bockwurst with Cheese and I must say that it was smoked to perfection. I particularly liked not just the malleable meat but the sausage roll as well. Perfect combination. Do not forget to include mayo, mustard and catsup for a more meaningful meal. YuMMMmy!!!! I went downing refreshingly cold Twinings Raspberry tea evry now and then as I enjoy my german sausage sandwich.
Yours truly witnessed the laudable live performance of this man who is said to be one of the top finalists of the recent TV show X Factor Philippines. He was so energetic, talented and has his unique way of making the crowd laugh and laugh and laugh.
 Done with watching the cooking demonstration? How about appreciating wine by having a drink on the rocks? I tried the Blue Label and I instantly went dizzy :( Kids, do not try this okay? For adults only of course!
Picture taking with Santa Claus? Fret not as he is very much available.Try to peek at his little colorful house and get excited to have photo op. Merry Christmas ho! ho! ho! ho!  
Guess what's the last thing I did before leaving the Christkindlmarket? It is to taste the famous Gluhwein,
a warm spicy traditional German winter drink made from warmed wine. It was like a tea to me at first sip beacuse it was really that hot. But as I progress into sipping more, the spiciness and unique blend of wine became even more stronger. I cannot say that I love it because this one is not that palatable for me. Maybe you guys might want to try this beverage combined with different spices, red wine, citrus fruits and sugar.

About Christkindlmarket Manila

Christkindlmarket Manila, inspired by the original Christkindlmarket in Nuremberg, is a 7-day Christmas Market that aims to promote awareness and interest among Filipinos on European traditions and goods by giving them a chance to experience this European Christmas event in the Philippines. This year and every year thereafter, the European Chamber of Commerce of the Philippines, in partnership with SM Supermalls, will organize and celebrate the Christkindlmarket in Manila, with the traditional setting and ambiance that almost replicate the original event.

Christkindlmarket Manila will showcase products from Germany, England, France, Spain, Italy, and other European countries. With seven exciting days of European shopping experience, food, beverage, music, and entertainment like the Inter-School Choir competition, skating, sled riding, Children’s lantern parade, and Santa’s workshop, visitors can enjoy, feel, and experience a truly European Christmas at home. This will be a most memorable and unique event to look forward to every year.
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