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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

BUFFET 101 International Cuisine in Mall of Asia

I was here with fellow bloggers a couple of months ago after being invited for the launching of the newest, fun and healthy potato Dutch snack in
Mall of Asia. As a person who has big love for buffet I was very very excited to try out Buffet 101 which has overwhelming positive raves online and even through word of mouth. I remember when I swayed my brother to celebrate his 30th birthday here but was curtailed as he just planned to comfortably celebrate it at home.

Anyhow, the organizers had a last minute change of plans since we should have had our early dinner at Yakimix. I do not know what exactly transpired, but I should say that Buffet 101 was a perfect choice and tantamount to an excellent and world-class food, service and cleanliness.
As what every buffet restaurant impose. . a big no no for leftovers, take-outs and sharing.
This place is easy to locate. Once you see the Microtel along Seaside Boulevard in MOA or when you see the Super Viking ride from afar, be reminded that Buffet 101 is just around the corner. We encountered no trouble of choosing the best seat for our group as the restaurant was just approximately 1/4 full at 5PM. Staff are quick, respectful and nice. Luxurious, fastidious and top of the line are the first three adjectives that came into my mind to describe Buffet 101. And you know what is cool about them? Aside from the fact that they obviously offer eat and drink all you can, inclusive of VAT and that there is no service charge, it is the fact that guests are allowed to take photos of their several, sumptuous and international dishes. Even if that is the case, I only managed to shoot the following because I was in dire need for food that time. Sorry but I cant help those dishes consistently luring me.
Light and irresistibly good Asian dishes.
My first plate ^_^ Apparently, it is a mix of everything from Asian, American, Italian cuisines. I do not actually remember how each of them are called. It is as if I was cast under a spell in order to binge big time variety of food from soups, appetizers, meat and fish dishes, and unforgettable desserts. If this will happen again, I am good to repeat the same experience over and over until I have memorized every single dish Buffet 101 offers.
Do-it-your-own crepe. Mmmmmmm I had blueberry crepe ala mode. I made sure that my crepe is topped with chocolate and strawberry scoops of ice cream. Sinful! Too bad chocolate syrup and confectioner's sugar were unavailable so I had no chance to design my plate. Moreover, I had series of fresh fruit shakes too like watermelonn shake and pineapple shake plus assorted fresh fruit slices.
Cute mini desserts for small bites. Yeah I finished them all! From left to right,  Cookies and Cream Cake, Cathedral Window and Pavlova
Apart from a glass of cold water, I drank a cup of Americano coffee too. You can go to the bar and dispense whatever it is that you prefer. Coffee machines are regularly refilled with coffee grounds so everybody is assured of getting their freshly brewed coffee.  They have espresso and other types of coffee to please you.
Buffet 101's buffet rates for your perusal. This buffet restaurant takes reservations, welcomes walk-ins and absolutely perfect for small or big groups and can even cater kids. I think this is currently the best buffet restaurant in the metro. I cannot wait to go back and it is perfect timing too that since Robinson's Magnolia is near us and included Buffet 101 in their roster of must-try dining place, I should try it one of these days.
Past 9PM when me and my friends decided to leave and look at the line of people who are waiting. It only goes to show that Buffet 101 is affordable, promises you to have a pleasant dining experience and a type of buffet restaurant that can keep you to come back for more.

Bldg K, Seaside Blvd, San Miguel by the Bay
SM Mall of Asia Complex
Pasay City, Philippines 1300 
Facebook Page 
(02) 556 3888, 556-2888, 556-9888