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Sunday, October 14, 2012

The Sandwich Guy in SM Megamall

The Sandwich Guy in SM Megamall Friday night, on our way to EDSA Shangri-La Mall in Mandaluyong City, my dearest cousin and I decided to grab for a quick bite at The Sandwich Guy in SM Megamall. Since Taken 2 movie screening will just be an hour and a half away and that the neighboring mall can be done by foot works, we decided to satisfy our hungry stomachs with their filling, fast and fresh snack offerings. At least we are full by the time we reach the movie house and can concentrate well on the movie. I don't wanna be associated by my cousin  with the adage, "An angry man is a hungry one."  It has been ages since I went to have my FRESH NOT FRIED meal at their Robinson's Galleria branch, the one which I consider a go-to sandwich shop that is super accessible for me even during my quality movie date.
The Sandwich Guy in SM Megamall

The Sandwich Guy in SM Megamall Most of their outlets have limited dining capacity and situated in mall's open space and the last description made me excited about finally trying out their branch in McKinley. Will possibly do that if I am around the area. While most diners are considerate enough to give way to others once they are done with their meals, some preferred to be the exact opposite. That is for sure one of The Sandwich Guy's common problem and something that can be likened to what we have experienced. A customers notice written on the hexagon is big enough for all the guests to see. Perhaps, some simply decline to heed this friendly reminder. Good grief..that in 15 minutes of standing and waiting for our orders we finally landed a decent area to start our meal with. Table turnover could have been really faster should some people know to be a little sensitive. It is good to point out that staff were sensitive of our needs and bussed out our table instantly.

Moving forward, let me now share you what me and my hungry-to-death companion ingest and digest that time.  .  .Too bad that  my favorite Cheesy Bacon Baked Potato was unavailable causing us to order two kinds of pasta dish.
The Sandwich Guy in SM Megamall
Top view of our pasta. Seafood Pesto (left) and Creamy Carbonara (right). They serve it is a reusable plastic container which can also be regarded as a to-go order. Served warm and within the acceptable time frame. I especially like the hefty serving of pasta dish loaded with grated cheese except the not-so al dente or firm pasta noodles. Carbonara was drenched in white sauce with ham but instead of parmesan cheese, cheddar or quickmelt cheese was used but that was perfectly fine with me. Actually, the taste was still augmented with the type of cheese topped on the creamy pasta. Moreover, Seafood Pesto was infused with rich shreds of crabstick and tuna bits. It has the right amount of pesto sauce which was flavorful enough to wow my palate.
The Sandwich Guy in SM Megamall
Creamy Carbonara PhP90
 The Sandwich Guy in SM Megamall  
Seafood Pesto PhP105
The Sandwich Guy in SM Megamall
For thirst-quencher, I ordered this Tropica Twister (PhP40) with juicy pulp for a healthier drink alternative. Soda is not our thing that time which perfectly suited our snack choices.  Besides, this drink has more fiber just like this sandwich which I am about to allow you to take a bite. 
The Sandwich Guy in SM Megamall TSG BIGTIME PhP150
The Sandwich Guy in SM Megamall
In line with the concept, a polygon with six equal sides would be the apt general description for The Sandwich Guy's sandwiches apart from baking their own and using only whole wheat bread. Rich in fiber which is healthy for the digestive system, helps in lowering down cholesterol and promotes healthy heart function. The TSG BIGTIME is the biggest and most expensive among the Hexagon sandwiches so far. It was made with three deli choices like ham, bacon and cheese plus fresh lettuce slices sandwiched in three slices of grilled wheat bread. We are talking here of BIG time and BIG appetite and finished with BIG tummy coupled with BIG perfect smile. An order of this is already good for two. 

The Sandwich Guy assures that all their food are prepared without using any preservatives except for the meat products, therefore everything is fresh and healthy. Best consumed within 3 hours after serving and if ever you wan t to extend the fresh quality, refrigeration is a must.
 In case you are on a healthy diet initiated with good appetite, you may consider this fast and friendly place where good sandwiches are made. Should you also be into a non-rice based kind of meals, then this is a great go-to place that I suggest you study and consider. Be well always!

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