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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Hair Care Solutions at Azta Urban Salon in Katipunan

Azta Urban Salon in Katipunan What is the most depressing hair problem that you have encountered lately? In my case it is hair fall :( I started perming my hair when I reached my senior year in college, that was year 2006 and it was kind of a vogue during that time. Any girl would love to add volume for their hair be it short or long. I used to have a long and layered straight hair that I have been meaning to take on a drastic change and perm (short for permanent) came in to change how the way I look. From dull and lifeless hair to a glamorous hairstyle- curls and waves augment my confidence. But you know what, after perming my hair regularly, I mean yearly that is usually a week before my birthday arrives, I encountered several hair issues that I certainly believe have connection with my permed long hair. These include hair thinning, hair fall, dry and breakage but I must say that the most alarming one is hair fall. Everytime I comb my hair using large detangler comb or brush, I always end up seeing clumps of hair falling out. This deeply saddens me. Since I recognize such an afflictive scenario, I started using assorted shampoo brands that could help me somehow solve the problem and I even had a haircut as hair length is an important factor in hair loss.

When Azta Urban Salon in Katipunan offered a set of hair care services thru a dear friend, without second thoughts I hastily agreed. My visit to the salon transpired last week, October 2, Tuesday. From the given list of available services I chose something that appeals to me, a hair care solution that will address my continuous hair fall and hair breakage plus a decent hair cut!

Azta Urban Salon in Katipunan
Manager on duty was Ms. Juvy. My hairstylist that day was Ms. Mylyn and the one on the photo above is Ms. Rose, the assistant stylist. These ladies are beautiful, donned with impressive hairstyle that I wishfully think if theirs will perfectly work well with me. Treatment to guest like me was excellent without any unbecoming moments during my entire stay. I was offered to read magazines to keep me busy and water to hydrate me. Fine fine service.
Aroma Hair Therapy Treatment  was one of the hair care solutions that I availed. Price vary according to hair length. In my case, it was worth PhP700 since my hair is considered long. For short and medium hair, be ready to shell out PhP500 and PhP600, respectively. Before the treatment, my hair was subjected to hair cut, a thing that I have decided to do a week before I went to the salon because my hair is already extra long and below my bra line. Actually, my hair length could be a good candidate for digital perming but will have to make it happen not too soon. Perhaps, January next year or days before my natal day. 
Azta Urban Salon in Katipunan Before haircut, my long hair had a very refreshing shampoo session and that was shampooing while I sit relaxedly. After shampoo with a little scalp massage, Ms. Rose properly rinsed my hair. It was pure bliss as I so love the feeling of someone doing that basic thing for me. After which, my hair was towel dried until there is no droplets of excess water. The only downside I observed was the white hair cut gown that they'd put me on which seemed to be not so tidy. Some dark spots and specks of dirt form unknown source are obvious.
Azta Urban Salon in Katipunan
The assistant hair stylist then applied the aromatherapy hair paste that kept my scalp cool and hair pampered. It contains finest essential oils that naturally bring out the beauty of your hair. I love its initial effect on my scalp and overall relaxing feeling. I want to keep inhaling as its effect is same with the aromatherapy candles that I have back at home. When she is done applying the paste to all sections of my hair, she then updo my black hair and tightly covered my head with plastic wrap. It stayed for about 30 minutes for the ingredients of the aromatherapy paste be absorbed by my scalp and hair properly. I suddenly felt the heat spike onto my head. Cool! Yours truly was given about 10-minute free back massage that cause me to feel so drowsy.  So how do I spend my 30 minutes wisely? Apart from the generous massage, I stroll around to get a glimpse of the facilities and wide array of hair and beauty products Azta Urban Salon has in store for guests and buyers.
Azta Urban Salon in Katipunan
Menu of services for hair care solutions. It is important to make this as your reference. Azta Urban Salon describes hair length as follows: Short hair is above the chin. Medium hair is below the chin but above the shoulder. Long hair is below the shoulder. Extra Long is below the bra line.
Azta Urban Salon in Katipunan Want hair color treatment? This salon has a remarkable manual for your color needs.
Azta Urban Salon in Katipunan
Hair extensions, anyone?
Azta Urban Salon in Katipunan
Azta Urban Salon in Katipunan
Azta Urban Salon in Katipunan
This Davines Energizing Shampoo was recommended by Azta for my hair concern. A small bottle worth PhP1,100. I did not buy it as I presently do not have ample amount of money :( though I badly need one. Maybe I will just have to settle for commercial shampoos out there for the meantime.
Davines Energizing Shampoo
30 minutes lapsed and I found myself again at the hair wash room to rinse off excess aromatherapy paste. Such a wonderfully light feeling after hair washing that I can instantly feel the conditioning effect on my hair. Again,  I so love the smell. Mmmmmmmm....Ms. Rose blow dried my hair and I allow her to style it according to her preferred look for me. I do not want to sound demanding so i let her skillful hands and right decision do the wonderful work.
Davines Energizing Shampoo
Trying to catch a snap shot on how my hair looks like from the back. Thanks for the hairdressing back mirror! ^_^
Davines Energizing Shampoo
Voila! I so love the outcome. Thanks to my senior hair stylist and her assistant. Great job ladies!
Davines Energizing Shampoo
My before and after look ^_^ See the difference. Well, aside from the obvious hair length transformation, the Aroma Hair Therapy Treatment added volume to my hair, cleansed and conditioned  my hair leaving it so soft, shiny, manageable and very very fragrant. The smell still intact even after 24 hours without washing. Before I left the salon, aside from I thanked those people responsible for giving me more confidence with the way I look, the team of Azta Urban Salon-Katipunan issued me a small slip allowing them to suggest some maintenance tips for my crowning glory. Part of the Do's and Don'ts are: Do not wet your hair within 24 hours. Always use shampoo and conditioner. Moreover, for continuous proper maintenance, Azta would be glad to see me next month!

P.S. If you guys are looking for a cheaper alternative for a hair color service in Azta Urban Salon. The following treatment are available at a discounted price in all their branches. So what are you waiting for? Prettify your looks now.

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