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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

CHICKEN DELI in SM North: A Bacolod Original plus GIVEAWAY!

CHICKEN DELI in SM North: A Bacolod Original
CHICKEN DELI in SM North: A Bacolod Original
I have been at this inasal house several times already but I will initially share with you my very first encounter with CHICKEN DELI last June with my mother and cousin. Of course this will be followed with several blog posts as the encounter became more and more tasty :) My first photo shows how jam packed and well-loved this restaurant is. Every time I visit the scenario never changes. It was like there is a commotion- a meaningful one. Unlike its direct competitors, this Bacolod orginal since 1983 has only two branches here in Manila while others are situated in Laguna and as expected four more in Bacolod City. This one in SM North Annex is where I usually frequent since it is a type of mall with to go restaurant that has nice ambiance and spacious dining area coupled good Filipino comfort food and fast service. I'm looking forward to try their Tutuban branch, but since I rarely barge the area I do not know when will it happen.
CHICKEN DELI in SM North: A Bacolod Original Pechopak PhP99
Want it Original, Sweet or Hot and Spicy? You have the option to choose. The great deal about this order is qualified for kanin-all-you-can with free soup :) So it is like saying. . ."More rice, More fun!"
CHICKEN DELI in SM North: A Bacolod Original
It is no secret how inasal restaurants successfully sprouted all over the metro and how we embraced the fact that all of them offers good chicken dishes. But what sets Chicken Deli apart is its efficient service, friendly atmosphere and consistently tasty Chicken Inasal. Something that is cooked to perfection and prepared with the freshest ingredients. I never saw wilted calamansi pieces served to me so I guess that is enough reason to say that they have mighty good quality control.
CHICKEN DELI in SM North: A Bacolod Original
From left to right: toyo, ‘sinamak’- Chiken Deli's sawsawan or special sauce which is a local vinegar mixed with ginger, chilis and other spices, and chili oil. It is but important to try one or all of them to experience the authentic Bacolod recipe pride.
CHICKEN DELI in SM North: A Bacolod Original
It is always best to quench your thirst with a glass of Coke. Drinking this popular beverage in between your Chicken Inasal meal only brings goodness and satisfaction that you deserve.
CHICKEN DELI in SM North: A Bacolod Original
Turon Sticks PhP49
Our Sunday afternoon won't be complete without indulging ourselves with one of their savory desserts. I know my mother can do this at home but I just cannot resist the craving. A plate consists of six small turon pieces. Their version is promising enough and truly enjoyable though served without caramel dip (which I highly prefer).

Sharing you here some pointers that this restaurant has provided to its guests to better enjoy their dining experience. For everbody's understanding languages are in Bisaya, Tagalog and English, so I bet there is no excuse of not learning something from them. Read and heed, folks!
CHICKEN DELI in SM North: A Bacolod Original
CHICKEN DELI in SM North: A Bacolod Original
CHICKEN DELI in SM North: A Bacolod Original
CHICKEN DELI in SM North: A Bacolod Original
  OTHER BRANCHES: Gaisano City Bacolod, Araneta Street; SM City, Bacolod; Lopue’s East Circumferential Road; Lacson St. cor 8th Street; Tutuban Center Mall, Ground floor, Binondo, Manila; and Ground floor SM Santa Rosa


Since we Pinoys love inasal, my blog and Chicken Deli is hosting a mini-giveaway. Kindly join and savor that Bacolod Original chicken recipe that I know interests you so much. Joining is easy! Simply follow the guidelines on the Rafflecopter below to be eligible to win. All steps are mandatory yet so easy.
- One (1) lucky winner will take home these five Chicken Deli certificates worth PhP97 each. Pretty good enough to treat your family or friends, right?  

- Prizes are transferrable so that more participants could join. Thus, this giveaway is not just open to Manila residents. Redeemable only at SM North Annex and Tutuban Center Branch.  

- Indicate the following in the comment form below:
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The giveaway raffle will run from today until November 15, 11:59PM. GOOD LUCK!

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