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Friday, October 12, 2012

CUE Modern Barbecue in Bonifacio High Street Central

CUE Modern Barbecue in Bonifacio High Street Central
Bonifacio High Street Central boasts of high-end shops and restaurants that shopaholics and foodies should not dare miss. One of the concept restaurants that could teach you how to cheat now and then is 'Cue Modern Barbecue. It is a cozy casual restaurant opened last May that offers American cuisine and I am warning you, in here you must be game to eat, drink, cheat and be merry! Special thanks to OpenRice Philippines for inviting me to explore yet another prime restaurant on this side of Taguig City.

As what the restaurant's name imply, they innovate barbecue in such a way that their offerings are impossible to turn down. Why? Because they select, procure and use only high quality cuts of meat combining various ingredients such as home-made rubs, sauces and marinades. After which, meats are either roasted, braised or grilled to perfection. So are you now ready to take your cue?
CUE Modern Barbecue in Bonifacio High Street Central
Feeling carnivorous?! Must be :) See those illustration that depict different cuts of beef, pork and chicken as you enter the place? That side definitely snagged my attention. It is as if I am back again to college studying my Basic Foods course.  I'd never expect my first time experience here to be this educational or rather informative for the guest to know what part of animal are they wolfing out. It was some sort of a review for me who took B.S. Nutrition and Dietetics.

CUE Modern Barbecue in Bonifacio High Street Central
So many bulbs dangling nicely from the ceiling. It was somehow odd that these chandelier-looking set of bulb lights are open on a sunny day. I wonder how the restaurant looks like at night. I picture it to be a little magical and enchanting filled with people who simply loves to wine and dine after a hard day's work. Ambiance was neat, squeaky clean, and arranged well. Airconditioning alright and staff were kempt and very articulate as to what they are serving to guests. Manager-on-duty was always on floor who never failed to entertain us.
CUE Modern Barbecue in Bonifacio High Street Central
The 'Cue Caesar Salad Bowl PhP205 (Half) PhP345 (Whole)
I consider myself as an admirer of greens and veggies and I was so overwhelmed with much pleasure when this salad bowl was introduced to our group. A bowl filled with romaine lettuce, thin slices of parmesan cheese, bacon bits, three mustards, and creamy bagoong dressing. What a best way to start our meal. Fiber-loading is how I want to call it.
CUE Modern Barbecue in Bonifacio High Street Central
Freshly-Brewed Iced Tea PhP90 
Indeed this beverage was house-blended. It was a bit strong and very well complemented with a kick of fresh lemon juice.  Look at that small glass of jar as a container instead of the traditional tall hi-ball glass. Reminds me of unused jar at home which used to contain spreads.
CUE Modern Barbecue in Bonifacio High Street Central
Make Your Own Fish Tacos PhP385
Truly enjoyed creating my own taco and this time around it is healthier since fish was used for this recipe. Pieces of Panko-crusted white fish or Japanese-style breaded fish is the major player on this platter, along with  roasted corn salsa, decent and cute-sized flour tortillas and cilantro-lime tartar. Heavy on the tummy.
CUE Modern Barbecue in Bonifacio High Street CentralBone Marrow and Steak Tacos PhP485
Please guys, if you are having trouble with your heart or currently not in good health condition, stay away from this okay?! But if you think you can muster to eat this and eat at your own risk, so be it. After all, there is always a day like cheat day, right? Bone marrow is the tastiest part of an animal which can be found in the interior of their bones. Dig in to this melt-in-your mouth goodness and forget for a while  about the calories it might incur on you. Cubes of meat steaks plus bone marrow were so sinful and perfectly matched with  roasted corn salsa, flour tortillas, sweet n' spicy salsa verde.
CUE Modern Barbecue in Bonifacio High Street Central 
Bacon Slabs 'Cue Style PhP455
Still another highly reprehensible yet good to share chopping board. Well, a chopping board of juicy bacon slab sided with cauliflower creamed casserole. Bacon pieces were thick enough, crispy and slightly salty to the bite and go well with red wine barbecue sauce. The milkiness and tenderness of the side dish somehow overpowered the taste of bacon yet still acceptable based on my preferences. Serving portion was not-so-good as I reckon to finish it in just one sitting.
CUE Modern Barbecue in Bonifacio High Street Central
The 'Cue Burger PhP420
You think you can ace this one? We'll see...this is actually 'Cue's best-seller that is made of  a 6oz. house-blend all-beef patty, melted mozzarella cheese and smoked provolone, flavorful chorizo slices, arugula, a salp of red wine BBQ sauce and butter grilled bun. The arugula leaves made the burger a little mysterious beacuase of its tangy and zesty flavor. This is my kind of burger! How I wish my best buddy was with me while doing this food review. I am pretty sure he'll be green with envy. Eating the burger and fries were both winners! Those fries are truly memorable for me. You know why? Because it was only during that time that I've eaten such an extremely delicious cheesy sweet potato fries. From its outer layer to the inside, I must say every bite an unforgettable delight. The secret? They were twice fried fries.
CUE Modern Barbecue in Bonifacio High Street Central
CUE Modern Barbecue in Bonifacio High Street Central
King Henry-Cut Pork Chop PhP625
Any one could dare say he's a king after knocking off this 340g. pan-grilled pork chop glazed with Dijon-butter. Another best under the chopping board part of the 'Cue menu . Thick, flavorful and juicy meat could have been best partnered with rice but the coleslaw was good enough. House-made sauces like barbecue sauce and garlic mayo on the side were provided for an added flavor. Ideally, good to share.

It is always best to end the meal in a sweet manner. Hence, the following desserts that shooed our stress away.
CUE Modern Barbecue in Bonifacio High Street Central

Simple Triple Chocolate Cake PhP245
Quite expensive but has real exquisite taste that you'll surely love for a true chocolate cake. Can't help but utter mMmmMmm . . .
CUE Modern Barbecue in Bonifacio High Street Central
The Chocolate Chip Cookie Cake PhP195
Tall. Black and White. Beautiful. Sweet. Can't grope for the right description to write. Another yum that put a sweet and remarkable period on my first-ever 'Cue experience.
CUE Modern Barbecue in Bonifacio High Street Central
Guilty pleasures are here to make at 'Cue Modern Barbecue. Smitten by the portion sizes, boldness and simple presentation. This restaurant is not for the faint of heart and stomach but for those mighty foodie who are willing to conquer the cue to extreme food adventure. Such a lucid way to say that you won't go insane when dining to this kind of concept restaurant. 'Til we meet again!

Lower Ground Floor, Bonifacio High Street Central
7th Avenue cor. 29th Street
Taguig City, Philippines 1630
(02) 621-4052 / 0917-8992283