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Monday, October 29, 2012

Rai Rai Ken in SM City Bicutan

Rai Rai Ken in SM City Bicutan
Rai Rai Ken in SM City Bicutan
It was mid-June and there was  an unexpected lunch date with a set of newly acquainted friends here at Rai Rai Ken. Whenever I see one it always reminds me of Japan's famous Ramen. Based on my previous dining experience this is where the best-tasting and appetizing Japanese dishes can be found so I had to give it a try again. Besides, that was a long time ago since I first knew about this Japanese restaurant. Although, it is known for an old-fashioned steamy bowl of ramen, our group opted to order other mouth-watering foods that are not merely concentrated on  a noodle dish.

Rai Rai Ken in SM City BicutanRai Rai Ken in SM City Bicutan
Lunch crowd thins out by the time we entered this resto. I noticed the look is not that at par with the ones I see in other malls, say for instance in Robinson's Galleria. This branch is not that ornamented with things peculiar to Japanese tradition like that of paper lanterns and Japanese curtains. I was looking for them but seems like they are nowhere to be found. Anyhow, I quite liked the ambiance simplicity and neatness but that criss-cross Philippine flags at the counter area is so unpleasant to look at. I think the team could have used  transparent tape to keep the flags in place. Food servers plus the manager-on-duty were reliable and prompt enough.
Rai Rai Ken in SM City Bicutan Rai Rai Ken's menu is quite extensive nowadays. It was actually hard to choose.
Rai Rai Ken in SM City Bicutan
Exciting promos, discounts and saver meals effectively lured me. Thanks to this acrylic standee. Moving forward, the following are successfully delivered its intended result. Now, itadakimasu (let's eat!)
Rai Rai Ken in SM City Bicutan
Rai Rai Ken in SM City Bicutan
California Maki PhP145
I agree with the beautiful plating but not so with the way maki pieces were formed and segmented. These sushi rolls although flavorful, were not uniform in size. I do not want to call it a failure because the appropriate taste was present. Perhaps, the production team need to improve more on the cutting technique.
Rai Rai Ken in SM City Bicutan
Gomoku Chahan Platter PhP310
This is a mixed seafoods rice platter good for 3-5 persons. Well, enough for the six of us. Loaded with shrimp and squid pieces plus some mushrooms and veggies. This is how I want my fried rice to be whenever I am craving for something oriental in flavor. Big is size and taste as well.
Rai Rai Ken in SM City Bicutan Beef Yakiniku Teppan PhP235
We also ordered something new from their menu and it was all worth it. Thin beef slices blended so well with mirin, sake and soy sauce. A very delighting dish suitable for every hungry foodie.
Rai Rai Ken in SM City Bicutan
Ebi Tempura (5 pieces) PhP275
What is a Japanese meal without tempura, right? Personally,  I always consider this appetizer to start my meal with. Who would decline to have tiger prawns in crispy batter? I certainly believe no one. But you know what, I this dish had an unbecoming after taste and odor that are not typical to a freshly cooked tempura. What we did is gave our feedback to the dining supervisor and he treat our negative comments in a constructive manner. Ebi Tempura pieces, aside from being too oily, it tasted like cooked in an old cooking oil as well.
Rai Rai Ken in SM City Bicutan
Green Mango Shake and Mango Shake PhP75
Rai Rai Ken in SM City Bicutan
Shakes! It's definitely raining fruit and sweet shakes that time. Nobody had enough courage to order fruit juices. I dunno why. Was it because it was too hot that day? And yes, we had on our table all variants of shakes that you can see from their menu. Banana Shake, Choco Shake, Choco Banana Shake, Mango Shake and Green Mango Shake. Since I wanted to be different, I ordered a glass of belly satisfying Choco Banana Shake which everybody on the table envied on.

This causal Japanese restaurant is something you must try. It has comfortable ambiance and dining space and offers truly delicious and satisfying Japanese meals at affordable prices. Certainly, I will be back and try their other branches because I want to make sure that they have equal and steady quality dishes and service too.

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Doña Soledad Ave. & West Service Rd.
Parañaque City, Metro Manila, Philippines
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