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Thursday, October 11, 2012

CrePes & Cream in Resorts World Manila

CrePes & Cream in Resorts Worls Manila
CrePes & Cream in Resorts Worls Manila
Crepe is of French origin that is like a very thin pancake and usually made of wheat flour of buckwheat flour. I learned to appreciate the art of making and eating crepe when I started managing a bakery and restaurant a few years back that is offering French cuisine infused with Filipino taste. But how do you guys want your crepe? Do you want it sweet or savory? Last August, Alwin, Ness and I went to this crepe shop in Resorts World Manila right after taking our sumptuous and magnanimous late lunch at Red Crab. It was all our first time to try this colorful, little and trendy cafe  that is sort of jam packed that night.

Just like how I want it and it should be, all of their crepe creation are prepared fresh upon order. Guests could have as much as over 30 different flavors to choose from like savory crepes, vegetarian crepes for those who are on a diet and of course dessert crepes for those who have sweet tooth like me. And for those who want to be unique, a Create-Your-Own-Crepe option on their menu will suit your need. Crepes in this modern cafe ranges from Asian to Western flavor and I think they have everything every foodie needs. Moreover, they also offer some sandwiches and coffee too. However, I was rather sad of the service of one of the staff who made our order because she looks disgruntled with the flow of customers like frowning all the time. But that never affected with the way I look forward to wolfing down my desirable sweet crepe and the bonding it could create with my two friends. I requested for fork and plate because that is how I love to eat mine and they generously provided us with paper plates, sporks and napkins, only to realize that at the end of our snack time we never used the plate. It is therefore highly suggested to eat it like the way you handle your ice cream.
CrePes & Cream in Resorts Worls Manila Strawberry Fields PhP159
Alwin's bet. I planned of ordering this one too but for the sake of variety and food shots I made a different one. He was so crazy over this one and I was really really envious of his choice. Who would not salivate over this if it is made out of fresh strawberry cubes, strawberry chocolate chips, almond flakes, whipped cream and strawberry sauce.
CrePes & Cream in Resorts Worls Manila Coffee Break PhP129 
Nessie's choice. She actually would love to have coffee instead of crepe but I nudged and swayed her to binge on crepe as it is her first time. I promised her that crepes are really good and delectable until she give in, hence this Coffee Break for a coffee addict like her.  Unfortunately, she did not finish her order as the flavor is too strong for her.
CrePes & Cream in Resorts Worls Manila  Peaches and Cream Cheesecake PhP159 
My very own choice. Oh how I love cheesecakes and yes I was so elated to find this out on their menu plus more cheesecake flavors. Made with real cheesecake cubes enveloped in with vanilla ice cream and topped with almond flakes. Funtastic! It was so bursting with sinfully sweet flavor.
CrePes & Cream in Resorts Worls Manila
You are the best Peaches and Cream! YUuuuuuuuUUmmmmmMMMM. . . .
CrePes & Cream in Resorts Worls Manila
Banana Cream Pie (FREE)
How come? Being a member of Resorts World Manila for about 3 years now, using my privilege card we were able to get this crepe for free. An exclusive offer of  Get 1 crepe for every 3 crepes ordered. Nice! I was not actually aware of this promo and thanks to the cashier who very well informed us of the perks RWM card can bring.
CrePes & Cream in Resorts Worls Manila
Try this place and satisfy your cravings. Opens at 10AM to 12MN. Remember, crepes may be widely known as desserts but CrePes & Cream offers only the best selection ever that will never disappoint you. Dig in because in here it is more than just desserts :)

3rd Floor Newport Mall, Resorts World Manila
Pasay City, Philippines 1300
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