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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

A Brief Experience at PARIS DELICE

A day before my birthday my friend Eugene brought me here. It was such an unexpected plan after attending a food event at a pizza restaurant along Jupiter Street corner Makati Avenue that evening. We went to Paris Delice still very very full but then we still decided to check out the place since this naturally foodie friend of mine knew that I have never been to this restaurant before and I was kinda itching to visit it. Little did I know that this French-inspired fast food restaurant is just right under my nose as it is located just meters away from where we spent most of our dinner time. I learned that all bread and pastries are imported from Paris, while vegetables and dairy are sourced from local organic farms. Imagine how they produce their wide array of breads and pastries. Well the truth is, like some of the French-inspired bakeries that I know here in the Philippines, Paris Delice prepared their products fresh on a daily basis. No wonder they sell their unsold or remaining breads from the counter area for half the price. Lucky are the two of us who chanced upon the bread sale though there were only few pieces displayed. 

Counter Area
This is a self-service type of restaurant therefore you need not expect to just sit and wait for a waiter or guest relations officer to approach your table and take your orders. Once you have decided what to order, proceed immediately to the counter area to process what you want. Paris Delice committed to offering only the freshest and healthiest food and beverage. Their menu is comprise of different selections ranging from sandwiches, fresh salads with breads, french bread/pastries, pastas, hot dishes and soups to desserts and hot drinks/coffee.

 Suit yourself with these beverages, hot drinks and coffee.
 The setting is simple and cozy enough to keep abreast with healthy food choices which will only equate to eating well. The establishment has an available free wifi connection which I hadn't noticed at all and realized only when Eugene and I were out of the restaurant. So unmindful of me maybe due to the fact that we were so absorbed to our friendly date that evening.

 Pain Au Chocolat (PhP60)
This is the simplest yet sweetest part of my experience at Paris Delice so far and for sure it will be repeated in a more lavish way. This is the second restaurant-bakeshop that I encountered wherein you can dine in your purchases granting that you only bought it at half the price. So fine huh! Yup you heed it correctly. These two pieces of Pain Au Chocolat otherwise known as Chocolate Croissant is just PhP30 each (50% off its original price). Very unusual yet true enough to answer your sweet tooth cravings. 
Definitely not my first time to bite such a heavenly baked creation. This is actually my ultimate favorite croissant when I was still managing a French-inspired resto-bakery a few years back. The only difference with Paris Delice version is that it was not covered with  bittersweet chocolate drizzle on top added with sprinkles of confectioners sugar which I thought nothing could ever outsmart. But to tell you frankly, both have basically the same in taste and texture; thing is I have always wanted my croissant either warm so that chocolate is melted and oozing from within or refrigerated so that its chocolate filling and/or coating is chilled enough to make me giggle in every bite. 

Since that night of brief experience, I am dreaming forward to meeting this place again and try some of their best-sellers. 

Bon apetis a tous!

1 Juno St. cor. Makati Ave.
Makati, Metro Manila, Philippines
(+63 2) 798-0740