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Monday, August 27, 2012

Tea Zone Special Tea Drinks

Tea Zone Special Tea Drinks
Tea drinks as we all know is presently  in demand and famous beverage  that quickly outsmart or should I say outnumbered that of coffee drinks. Tea Zone, one of the addicting brand of bubble tea milk drinks nowadays is a type of snack drink that I got myself into for the past months. Again, something that I want to share with you guys. Well I bet you know how inexpensive and delicious the available flavors are particularly those who won in my blog giveaway two months ago. It was just the other day I was with Belle to pick-up 10 very refreshing drinks from Tea Zone's branch in SM North. It is actually the most accessible branch from where we live. 

Tea Zone Special Tea Drinks
So why did I say it is affordable? Because currently Tea Zone has successfully introduced a marketing strategy that you rarely see in other tea drinks carts- a thing called Buy 1 Take 1. And the good news is that they are doing this for lifetime I guess; making them the cheapest yet yummy special tea drinks you can ever encounter. For as low as PhP32 you can happily have two medium Tea Zone drinks. How's that for a refreshing  in-between snack?

Tea Zone Special Tea Drinks Wilbert and Emerson. I met these guys before who are ever accommodating and respectful to every buyers.

What I so like about Tea Zone cart is its simplicity, neatness and striking colors that could easily attract new and regular buyers. You won't have any difficulty finding this one and distinguish it from other beverage carts inside the mall mainly because it is still new and at its best! The one in SM North is adjacent to the information area of the mall and opposite side of Joillibee.

Tea Zone Special Tea Drinks
Tea Zone drinks are categorized into following: ICY FRUITS, COOKIES n' CREAM, CHOCOLATE SERIES, SHAKEN FRUITS and TEA LATTE. I've decided to order  two tea beverages from each category but I let my dear cousin choose what to take home or not.
Tea Zone Special Tea Drinks Until we settled conclusively with these drinks. Ten drinks with five different flavors. We had Nai Cha with Sago (PhP48), Green Apple Milk Tea with Sago (PhP48), Strawberry Milk Tea with Sago (PhP48), Cookies and Cream (PhP32), and last but not the least Chocofee Frosted Blend with Sago (PhP48). Something for our closely-knit family :) Could be small in size but extremely big in taste!
Tea Zone Special Tea Drinks
(L-R) Green Apple Milk Tea with Sago, Strawberry Milk Tea with Sago and Nai Cha with Sago
I tried them all before and the most special Tea Zone drink to me is Nai Cha which happens to be their best-seller. As a matter of fact, better than those that we can buy in fast-food restaurants in terms of  both value and quality. Try it to believe. Strawberry Milk Tea was creamy and smooth, I never imagined that it'll taste that very good! My favorite fruit and ice cream flavor turned into a milk tea favorite now. However, the Green Apple tasted like a real apple but lacks in strength in terms of overall flavor.

TEA ZONE IS NOW OPEN FOR FRANCHISE!  I actually told my brother about this after finally meeting the owner behind this brand at WOFEX 2012 at SMX Convention Center last August 3,  but he is still contemplating about it :) Should he approved of it then I can have Tea Zone anytime!!! Oh yes! ^_^