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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

GREENWICH Pizza and Pasta Snacks

GREENWICH Pizza and Pasta Snacks
Dining area/Counter area
It was past nine in the evening when my fave gastronomic buddy and I went to this local pizza chain for a good snack. Again, this is another thing that we like about ourselves - eating out in an ordinary way  making it as extraordinary as possible. We were nearly caught by a heavy downpour, thanks to this store which is still open even late at night on a Sunday. Given that most offices are closed and very unlikely to be in operation on a weekend. 

In no time I have produced my Happy Plus Card and lend it to him for reloading and happy plus points but unfortunately the crew told us that their system is not operating well, hence we can't use the card and avail certain points. That would instantly mean that we have to pay in cash for our most sought after last meal of the day - pizza and pasta!   
GREENWICH Pizza and Pasta Snacks

Pending #18.  While waiting for our orders, he decided to take a pee outside Greenwich store using the comfort room of Raffles building since the store is not equipped with toilet room and I busily tried if there is any wifi connection but to my dismay nothing is available. I was distracted by Greenwich newest dessert line - Frozen Dessert Cups. My stomach churns at the sight of these luscious sweet enders.
GREENWICH Pizza and Pasta Snacks
I always like these petite plastic glasses which looks cute and big at the same time. However, I was expecting that Greenwich uses stainless steel spoon and forks, instead the server issued us cutleries made with plastics. But that's fine. Another thing that I want most fast food chains to emulate is this cutlery holder. To me it is very hygenic to place your spoon, fork, knife and even straw in it. I just appreciate how this Philippines' favorite pizza chain manage to do it every single time I dine their outlets. 
GREENWICH Pizza and Pasta Snacks
Pizza and Pasta Snack Meal A   PhP59
I was really hungry that evening but I tend not to overeat so as not to gain more weight, so I settled for this meal composed of one slice of Greenwich Hawaiian Pizza, Spaghetti and a glass of ice cold Sprite. Pizza and Spaghetti were not that warm by the way maybe because it was just an hour before the closing time but should that be the case, that is very unreasonable. Food was simply tasty and filling night snack.
GREENWICH Pizza and Pasta Snacks
GREENWICH Pizza and Pasta Snacks
                                                 Pizza and Pasta Snack Meal C   PhP99
On the other hand my foodie partner ordered this meal which was fit for his diet. Comprised of a plate of spaghetti that is two times my serving portion of pasta sided with garlic breadstick , a personal size of freshly baked Greenwich Hawaiian Pizza (his favorite) and a glass of ice cold Coke.  We would just like to reiterate that the garlic breadstick used was not the soft and chewy type that we loved to nibble as side order which was very unbecoming because it was obviously overheld yet still served to us. Maybe some staff need more adherence to the gold standard. By the way this meal C is not available for delivery. 

If you're wondering what is  Pizza and Pasta Snack Meal B, it is a set meal composed of one order of spaghetti and a glass of coke which is worth PhP 59. 

In our opinion, store was clean, service okay and meals were good. 

Unit 101 Raffles Bldg. Emerald Avenue
Ortigas, Pasig City
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