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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Krispy Kreme in Mall of Asia

Krispy Kreme at Mall of Asia
This is yet another extremely sweet snacking experience at Krispy Kreme with some of my blogger friends at their branch inside the biggest mall in Asia :) It was  raining cats and dogs outside when we decided to enter this popular doughnuts and coffee store, a conducive place where we could chat while waiting for the start of the controversial Yahoo! OMG! Awards 2012 last month. Yes KK had been our resting place for a while as we savor the goodness of their nicely concocted doughnuts which will leave you wanting more. The following were responsible to appease our hunger for a real deal snack.
Krispy Kreme at Mall of Asia
New York Cheesecake (PhP42) and Powdered Strawberry Filled Doughnut (PhP42) 
New York Cheesecake is my favorite among the Krispy Kreme doughnuts. I never missed ordering a piece or two whenever I kill my time inside the store. As we all know this doughnut is loaded with cheesecake filling and generously topped with cream cheese icing and graham cracker crunch. I can't help but drool with this thing as of this moment.  On the other hand, Powdered Strawberry Filled is a type of doughnut which is completely filled with strawberry jam and not so lightly dusted with confectioners sugar. This thing was too sweet for me to handle.
Krispy Kreme at Mall of Asia
Original Glazed Doughnut (PhP31)
Also known as the world famous doughnut made from a secret recipe dating from the 1930's. How to avail of this for free? Simply be vigilant enough to notice the "Hot Doughnuts Now" neon sign. And heed the doughnut master's mantra that the best way to eat it is hot off the line.
Krispy Kreme at Mall of Asia
Coffee was absent for our afternoon snack hence these carbonated beverages replaced the perfect partner for freshly made ring-shaped object. I was never inspired to partner my already sweet doughnuts with these sugar-laden beverages but due to my friend's insistence to try the Dr. Pepper she's been addicted to gulp, I had to concede with her demand even if cool and fresh cold coffee would have been a better match. One of us preferred the Pepsi Max which has 0 sugar. 

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