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Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Chef Laudico's Modern Filipino Menu

A few weeks back I attended an event for the launching of the newest lifestyle TV show transpired in Twin Oaks Place, Mandaluyong. The said show just aired yesterday on 2nd Avenue. People from the press and bloggers like me were treated to a lunch which was organized in a way that it is a sit-down type of meal. I happen to know due to a small piece of paper beside my napkin table cloth  that what we are about to  indulge are Chef Laudico's creative and modern Filipino dishes. Well this man never ceases to impress me with his style and dish presentation that I want to meet him in person, someday maybe. I can still recall the time to have a job interview with him or his wife some years back but was curtailed because I already find a suitable work for me that time. Just wanna share you one of the truly modern way to serve Filipino items. I noticed that Chaf Laudico's catering business is very marketable because I've encountered it several times already. Well his invention and artistic talent when it comes to our cuisine is truly remarkable; the same is true with his wife.  Let me then show you his menu that we gratefully chew and swallow one afternoon: 

Chef Laudico Modern Filipino Menu
This one is unfortunately not included on the list :( I don't know why. But just to give you a glimpse, it an appetizer, a chicken dish oozing with flavors because of herbs and spices with equally good chicken sauce that makes it so palatable even in just a small portion size.
Chef Laudico Modern Filipino Menu
Creamy Shitake Adobo Puree
Creamy soup with a bitter after taste.
Chef Laudico Modern Filipino Menu
Organic Salad Bar with Garden Vegetables, Nuts, Fruits and Red Wine Vinaigrette
My type  of salad.  A drool-worthy with various mixtures of ingredients dressed with delectable dressing. I like it better if served really cold. I was secretly wishing for another round but decided not to tell anyone ^_^
Chef Laudico Modern Filipino Menu
Linguini Pasta with Longanisa, Tomato Meat Sauce and Karnevorous Pizza
May be small in size yet bursting with so much flavor though the pasta dish was quite watery for me.Chef Laudico Modern Filipino Menu
Pork Paksiw and in San Miguel Beer Glaze served with Bagoong Rice and Grilled Vegetables
Tender pork cut-ups that almost melt in my mouth which complements the bagoong rice. Good to know that the beer effect is not that powerful.
Chef Laudico Modern Filipino Menu
Trio of Desserts
Not that happy with the presentation compared to the dishes served earlier but quite a good catch. This plate is composed of Molten Chocolate Cake, Bicho Bicho Yema Balls, and Seasonal Fruits. 

That's all folks ^_^  Will share more and more brief food blog posts soon.