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Sunday, April 22, 2012

BEAUTY SCENE: Professional services at friendly rate!

Little did I know that one of my favorite professors in my major subject in college owns this skin care clinic in Ortigas which to my great surprise has been operating for the past 12 solid years. I do not only consider M' Zhenie Velasco as one of my colleagues in the Nutrition and Dietetics industry but also an idol who excels so much with her chosen endeavors. I have always been enamored with her teachings and instructions in our field of study. Hence, I never took second thoughts about blogging this clinic of hers even if it is way beyond dietetics but still tackles about well-being.

This salon and skin cake clinic is something to look forward to ladies, most especially those who love and need to relax and relieve themselves from stress brought about by many factors including work. Pampering session you want? Hit this place which is situated in Unit 5D2, 5th Floor Pearl Plaza Building, Pearl Drive, Ortigas Center, Pasig City. So if you guys are around and within Ortigas Center this relaxation hub is the next best place to visit after being affected by too much life's stressors.
Cope with those by trying these Services from the Heart:

Painless warts removal using state- of- the- art cautery machine from Europe is the most popular treatment. The salon has helped hundreds of “wart sufferers” including helpless pre-school kids who were “contaminated’ by their parents. Warts have no respect for gender, age and profession and can not be effectively removed by special soaps, creams and ointments. This is the reason why professional help to be sought immediately to prevent the spread of the “virus”. Extra care has to be done so as not to damage the skin and leave unsightly marks.

Aromatherapy Mint Facial that stimulates the seven pressure points in the face to restore balance and vitality to it, capped with a relaxing hand and back massage.

 Whole Body Buff  uses herbal scrubs to detoxify the skin, invigorate and make the skin smooth as silk. 

Foot Spa  that is certainly a  great help for “rough” and tired feet.

Hair Relax conditions the scalp and strengthens hair strands the natural way.

Professional Hair Waxing for unwanted hair in the underarms, hands, face, legs and even in “private” areas can be irritating and bothersome aside from the fact that these hairs do not bring out the best in your looks. Combination of strawberry wax and a soothing tea tree post-wax treatment will the the best solution to address that pressing problem of yours.

Moreover, doctors are by appointment. A medical doctor is available by appointment for consultations and/or treatment related to health and beauty. 

I bet you now extremely felt the need to beautify yourselves and I know for sure that that nagging desire is about to be fulfilled so better call the  Beauty Scene Salon Hotline at  7886992. Open daily from 9:00 am to 6pm. However and for your convenience, appointments are accepted beyond the “office” hours. Isn't it great?

So see you there!!!!!!!!!!!

*May I refer to you this page for Beauty Scene Salon's History and Milestone. Remember this is not your ordinary salon. Because in here you can find Professional Services at Friendly Rates!

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