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Monday, April 16, 2012

Intel and WiFi Zone powered by PLDT: A New Breed of WOW

Recently, PLDT which is the leading telecommunications company in our country, and Intel Philippines, who is the world leader in computing innovation have teamed up to showcase a new era in computing. 
The above photo was something that I initially saw when I set foot on the event hall where one of the  very important and life-changing event in the wireless connection world transpired. See these peeps accessing the internet simultaneously using multiple devices. This very well presents the internet growth that has been changing the way we live and socialize.

The launching of the new Ultrabook inspired by Intel and unlimited and fast WiFi connection brought to you by WiFi zone powered by PLDT and press conference with esteemed Intel Philippines and PLDT executives happened last March 8, 2012 at OPUS in Resorts World, Pasay City. Media men and bloggers were treated to a sumptuous brunch before the official release and presentation set in. 

Who among you are PLDT MyDSL subscribers here? This is because unlimited use of WiFi zones will be available all year-round for you guys at a low monthly rate of P150 and P300 for those landline subscribers. Of course this is on top of the monthly service fee. Will you go for it or not? Should you need more info try logging on to www.pldtwifizone.com.

Mr. Ricardo F. Banaag, Country Manager of Intel Microelectronics Philippines, Inc.
giving his ideas on the 'A New Breed of Wow' campaign. 

ACTIVATED. Finally it was a successful tie up. This partnership must indeed deliver increased computing performance and seamless wireless connection given the fact that Filipinos are really enthusiastic digital consumers. I learned from the event that almost 84 million Filipinos are on mobile and that 93% are part of a soial netswork such as Faceboook, Twitter and the likes. Thus, 32 million Pinoys are connected which is roughly about 1 out of 3 people. This must be WOWing us!

I bet some of you have heard about this already- it is the new Ultrabook inspired by Intel. Based on the shots I've provided it is thin, elegant-looking and well-designed. Not only that, it is combined too with best-in class performance, great responsiveness and the best battery life they could offer yet. This Ultrabook was said to be the emerging new breed of computers, so with that case in point would you care to have one in the coming days? Not to mention this must be coupled with unlimited and fast WiFi connection briught to you by Wifi Zone powered by PLDT.

Just so you guys know, everyone who was present on the said event were given a free access to the PLDT WiFi Zone until June 30, 2012 and a mini Intel USB as well. Thanks for these!

Now, has your internet experience evolved?