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Friday, April 13, 2012

Report A Resto with RESTOHELL

As a food lover I am inclined to do some write ups regarding the restaurants, food kiosks and any food hub that I encounter day to day. Just today, through a network of food bloggers I learned another site which does not involve food or restaurant reviews or critics at all but complaints which could either be one of the following but not limited to: blood in chicken, dirt in food, dirty restrooms, dirty utensils, disoriented service, disrespectful staff, hair strand in food, insect in food, restroom stinks, slow service, spoiled food, unsanitary preparation to name a few. To me it sounds like a forum that will certainly be a beneficial tool and guide on diners (like all of us) which among the branch of restaurants or simple eateries to avoid or not. It is like a catching bin where all valid complaints will be emailed to the proper authority which in that case can be through DOH, BFAD or to the Sanitation Department of the area where the food store is located. Sounds good. Even if most of restaurants nowadays have customer service to forward our trivial to big deal complaints, at least we still have Restohell which can always hear us out. You just have to make sure that the complaints you have is/are valid enough to be believable and reasonable. 

So how do we use the feedback form as seen above? Simple. 

1. Just type in the store name, include its location or branch if necessary
2. Include your full name and contact number (will not be shown in public)
3. Choose store violation and tell your moment of misery about the place, the food or the service.

One thing is for sure, Restohell   is not here to ruin any business but here to make them much better. Afterall, we as customers are the backbone of these establishments right? So I believe that one or more constructive criticism or  feedback 
won't hurt them instead it will sustain them.  

Have a great day! Use Restohell. Report a Resto now!