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Sunday, April 22, 2012


Floral prints and patterns! That is what Cath Kidston bags is all about. I got one as a birthday present last year from my brother and his girlfriend who works in Singapore. The moment it was given to me when my brother arrives home I was never aware that there was such a brand. So I did a little researching to compensate my fashion backwardness. Catherine Isabel Audrey Kidston, also known as Cath Kidston, is a British fashion designer, businesswoman and author. She started selling vintage fabrics, brightly-painted furnitures and wallpapers in London until she became successful and very influential in her chosen field. She is so admirable.

To be honest I never liked floral design be it in fabric, wallpapers and so on because I am not that 'kikay' and for me it is very feminine in style. But you know what, I learned to love this Cath Kidston bag as time flies by as  it is very roomy (works for me big time!), easy to get along with and only requires me to do little effort in cleaning. I used it almost everyday since my birthday - at work, night out, gimmicks etcetera. It became my favorite bag until such time it was replaced by my another favorite backpack brand. I just could not help it! Knapsacks are my fave type of bag since time immemorial. Moreover, months after receiving this gift Greenhills Shopping Center and its neighboring tiangge has been plaguing with these type of bags of various designs. It was a sure hit even nowadays. How about you what type of bag do you love most? You think it reflects your personality? Share your ideas if you care. ^_^