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Tuesday, April 17, 2012


After registering at the small booth found at the entrance of Harvest Gastro Pubthis sheet of brain teaser that also served not just a brain cells-racking activity but a table liner as well, reminded me that I am not just at a breakfast event but most importantly I am in an occasion hosted by Teleserv. The one that is Teleserving the nation one call at a time.

As I was comfortably seated in my chosen location, a man greeted me with a huge smile and fantastic humor asking too if I have availed of their services before. YES!, I said in an outright manner. That guy was Mr. Ronald Allan De Vera, Service Brand Manager of  Teleserv . I can still recall about two years ago how swift the transaction I had with Teleserv  in acquiring my passport. If I am not wrong I shelled-out only P1300 to have everything covered, as in everything. Hassle-free! All you have to do is provide your personal info online and choose an available date and time convenient for you. I never thought that getting very important document was this fast and efficient. Since then all I know is that Teleserv will be the greatest solution for all our demands when it comes to procuring NSO certificates such as birth, marriage, death and certificate of no marriage. There was evolvement, hence no more waiting or traveling or leaving your work too!

Pilipinas Teleserv, Inc. (Teleserv) began operations in June 2000 as a multi‐channel contact center provider. The company conceptualized and developed proprietary services for various Philippine government agencies that have revolutionized the way citizens transact with government. It operates 24/7, 365 days a year. 

Photo courtesy of Teleserv

Teleserv currently have two sites located in  Quiapo, Manila and in  Shaw Blvd., Mandaluyong City.
The services this company has services have changed the way Filipinos transact with the government. Providing customers with a single telephone number to remember when availing the products and services of their  clients is of utmost important.

You might wonder what are the Uses of NSO Documents, so I have them here for you to be reviewed, informed or educated. These I learned out of the 3-hour long event.

For Birth Certificate:
          As proof of age.
          Healthcare application
          Requirements for enrollment
          Requirements in marriage application
          Passport application
          Driver’s license application
          To open a bank account
          Requirements for inheritance and property claims
          Voter’s registration
          Requirement if you will run for public office.
          PRC licensure exams
          SSS application
          DOLE working permits, if minor.
          Establishing  family relationship,
          Proving legal dependency
          Requirements for claiming of benefits

For Marriage Certificate:
·        To update status in Philhealth
·        To update status in SSS/GSIS
·        To update data in Passport from single to married name
·        To change surname in PRC license
·        To secure as legal beneficiaries of spouse
·        Requirements for legitimacy of child/children
·        Requirements for claiming of benefits

For Death Certificate:
·        Claiming life insurance
·        Claiming pensions
·        Settling estates
·        To obtain burial permits
·        To obtain death benefits

For CENOMAR (Advisory of Marriage):
·        Visa requirements
·        To know if your fiancée is single and to know if both party is free of bigamy.
·        One of the requirements in getting a marriage license.
·        Requirements for legitimacy of a child
·        Requirements for claims and benefits.

Mr. Raffy David, Director for Marketing of Pilipinas Teleserv. He gave us the overview of what 
his company is all about. Its commitment and reputation.

A government employee who graciously answered most of the queries being
 formulated by the ever-curious and interested bloggers that morning.

Mr. Ronald Allan De Vera raffling of the giveaways ^_^ Congrats to those lucky people who were picked
including my seatmate Ms. Blanca :)

          Watch this short video and realize that this is really happening. About time to avail Teleserv's services.


Here are some of the advertisement that will be of help to all Filipinos here and abroad. No more worries and waste of time. 

This is telling us that these documents below are not that hard to process. Just visit this site  for more info. Processing documents nowadays is as easy as A, B, C. Thanks to Teleserv.

These photos are courtesy of Teleserv

This is what Teleserv is all about!