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Sunday, April 08, 2012

EASTER SUNDAY Breakfast Buffet

After all the passion and agony of our Savior everybody believes that this day is the much awaited time for everyone because Jesus Christ has risen. Thus, today we are celebrating what we call as  Ressurection Sunday and I am quite nosy as to  how do you guys plan of spending this joyous day? 

I would love to share with you this lively experience that I had last Easter Sunday of 2011  with three of my closest pals- Jenney, Jepoy and Arnel. It was actually my idea to celebrate Easter with them at Sweet Harmony Gardens in Taytay, Rizal. I came across this promo through a now defunct group buying website Salamat.ph that  offers a treat for the Easter Sunday by a breakfast buffet, getting the chance to receive giveaways and join the Easter Egg Hunt. Not only that!  Plus have a photobooth shoot with your loved ones. These things can only be eligible for the members of the site like me. Sad part is that they stopped producuing printable vouchers lately. However, when I learned about this thing I told them of an idea which we easily agreed upon. Since such a wonderful garden  which was unknown to us is just in close proximity to Manila, my girlfriend still opted to use her car to reach the heavenly place which is less than an hour drive from San Juan and Quezon City. 

Our plans came true and we reached the gates of Sweet Harmony Gardens around 8 in the morning. Finally after making some queries to some strangers around the area. 

After registering with the people behind the event and being given with pink round foldable fan with Sweet Harmony Garden's logo, this set up WOWed us. At first sight it looked like there will going to be a children's party celebration which in that case was just perfectly fine with us as we can enjoy those kid's stuff even if we are in our mid twenties already ^_^ We are certified KIDS AT HEART. 

One of the examples of kid's size  round table matched with a centerpiece that commemorates the fun-filled celebration of Easter. Some tables were adorned with different shades of lively colors that is always marked with a basket of colorful and decorative easter eggs.

A nicely set-up stage for the celebration. Place is too large for a small to medium-sized crowd that morning.
There were lots of freebies, contests and giveaway from sponsors. And not to mention mmmmmm....wide array of Filipino breakfast items which are up for grabs from 7 am 'til before noontime.

Great centerpiece for an Easter Buffet table. Gaudy and very lively to look at. Caterer that day if you may ask is Paul Calvin which has a simple and cozy bakeshop at the middle part of the garden. Something to look forward to in my future visits.  

All-time Filipino faves breakfast items such as tapa, longanisa, omelet, bologna, tocino, corned beef, champorado, sotanghon soup, fresh fruit slices that crowded our kid-friendly and  pastel-colored table.  There were coffee and juices too which are unlimited as well. Forgot to take a shot of some bakery items and desserts found at the end of long buffet table where loaves of different kind, muffins, cookies and delectable bread slices. But hey, we replenished our plates from time to time as all the food have wonderful taste and the event was tastefully handled. For only P 250 we can effectively say that it was all worth-it. 

An Easter Sunday breakfast buffet is a double date too! Happiness can be spelled right through our smile.

Of all the food that reached my palate that time, what made my taste buds extremely different was this Camote Juice (left). Of course I like the refreshing Orange Juice but this one is a bit challenging for me to finish. When the waiter told me it is made of camote I grinned only to realize that when I sip it, it was indeed made of camote tops. Uh-oh! I so thought it was Pomelo Juice. Deceiving. My bad!

For every 30 minutes the hosts were really energetic to strike us the crowd with some relays to make the occasion entirely memorable and different. We experienced our table being called several times to participate for activities such as: bring me, guessing game, raffle draw,  lots of relays and so on. We gladly participated and we felt like children all over again.  We were surprised with the loots and gift certificates we got like GC's from Slimmer's World worth 1k which we each had one and some other which by now I totally forgot (sorry!)

To commence the gist of the celebration, we had the well-known activity  Easter Egg Hunting!!!!! everybody participated as big prize (if I am not mistaken cash and GCs) awaits the grand winner. To determine it, one has to find the biggest egg of all the eggs scattered all throughout the hectares of land of Sweet Harmony Gardens and the most number of hunted eggs wins too!. A challenging task but very egg-citing activity for all ages. We certainly had a fun-filled day! Here's what the four of us got by our concerted efforts in finding these colorful plastic and authentic boiled eggs. Wohoooo!!! we got the second place but no prize for us as we are not qualified for the said criteria. 

Kids at work :)
 Busily eating while designing the eggs for a more egg-citing activities 
and prizes. I so love to be a child once more. Pleeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaase!

Took home all of these for my little cousins to enjoy. These eggs brought us happiness and we were overjoyed by what transpired that morning, We never imagined we could be that childish and chicld-like again. Hahaha! MoreEaster Sundays to come for the rest of us. Have a BLESSED year everyone!

My girl friend Jenney had our photobooth shots scanned so that everybody gets a copy thru our Facebook accounts. Here are some of them :) 
Actually we had unlimited shots and opportunities as there was never long lines nor delays in getting our copies. The event was very organized and all the people behind it did well. Kudos to them! 

Sweet Harmony Gardens 
Tanchoco Avenue Barangay San Juan
Taytay, Rizal