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Monday, April 09, 2012

My Brand New FIRMOO Prescription Eyeglasses

Surprisingly, last March 22, Thursday morning I received a small package better described as an International Express Mail all the way from China. My mother was the one who was initially handed over with this lightweight package by a delivery man who charged her P 40 which I instantly produced being awakened by her in a rush.  My instinct told me what this package is all about even without touching and beholding what is in store for me inside. Later on I caught telling myself  in a hushed voice.."'twas indeed TRUE!".

The receipt for the payment for PTTC which I searched online as I am clueless about the abbreviation. It means Philippine Trade Training Center. I dunno why that much for a small and lightweight parcel. anyways what is important that time is that I finally got it! Wohoooo!!!!! ^_^  My excitement as I unpack the package never cease. I am so grateful that I trust the advertisement I saw on Facebook last March 9, a Friday, the very day that I signed-up for the Free Eyeglasses for Bloggers. During that time I came to know Li Wenjie/ Patrick who is the one in-charge for the unbelievable offer. I bet most bloggers grabbed the chance. Did you?

 Small and lightweight yet very useful for a lady with abnormal blurry eyes :'(

Out with the OLD, in with the NEW pair of FIRMOO prescription eyeglasses. Lucky me! My Class A GUCCI eyeglasses which has been with me for the past 2 years will now be replaced by a better looking and high quality brand. Great shift! This cool pair that I personally choose would have actually cost me $40. Good thing that for the past couple of year I still maintained my -3.25 grade. Tested it during the first day of the year. I had to make sure that I regularly visit my eye doctor for any changes with the prescription.  

 Model code: #BC81146
Described by Firmoo as, " Every precaution is taken to ensure that the very singular design of this frame. This pair is one of the most fascinating rectangular full-rim frames among eyewear from different ages. Its traditional color and careful choice of material all make it your top concern for you to try on it. Especially, the exquisite style of its tail made with the latest technology which can hold you breathe and make you fall in love with this pair of glasses. This frame merges highness and fashion together, so it will be your best company by your side." 
Product material:  Made of top-qualified metal material, this terrific frame is durable and corrosion-resistant for long time using, not easy to deform. Therefore, you won’t worry about extra cost of your broken glasses. In addition, they boast super lightness, which make you get comfortable glasses wearing experience. Give it a shot, you will be amazed.
Product Features:  In this era which excessively praises personality, a simple and plain pair of glasses is no longer able to satisfy your interest in pursuit of fashion and style. Now come to your rescue is this frame with special temple. It can suffice to make you more appealing and attractive and will add a cutting edge to your look. A real treat for fashion lovers!

Every single pair of computer glasses provided by Firmoo has been comprehensively checked through the making process by our experienced, knowledgeable professionals, so you will enjoy the best deal you will ever get!
As promised I received the complete set of eyeglasses package containing the following: Spectacle cases and eyeglasses bags, micro-fiber lens clothes, one screwdriver, extra screws (screw nuts) and replacement nose pads.

Thanks Firmoo for a wish came true! Now I have a very stylish and terrific pair of eyeglasses which I can carry all day long. Although I emailed the wrong Rx which was +3.25 for both eyes that could have been a -3.25, you guys have been very accommodating and too good to be true for giving me another pair even if it was all due to my incorrect Rx given. How kind and sweet of you Firmoo! The package shall be arriving anytime this week and I am so excited again.  As  promised I will blog about this and the succeeding pairs as well. From the bottom of my heart, a sincerest THANK YOU! Watch out for my new pair of sunglasses pals from the very same sponsor ^_^