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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

On Higher Ground Concert by Gary Valenciano


I was among the lucky ones to see the spectacular concert of Mr. Gary Valenciano entitled ON HIGHER GROUND last April 19, Thursday. With my fellow bloggers we really enjoyed the night together packed with twenty something songs in just one and a half hour show. Admittedly, he should be undoubtedly called Mr. Pure Energy! It was so sulit! Given his age (47 years old) he still managed to give all his best to make the crowd ask for more. Below are just some of the song and dance numbers he performed, some solo, some with back-up singers and dancers. These were taken using my iPad 2 and I still have more  which were recorded using my digicam (a lot clearer because those were HD recorded, yet a lot time-consuming to upload on YouTube) which are still in the process of uploading. I will certainly share that with you once they are fully done. So stay tuned. 

This standee (almost life size) greeted me at the hallway as I queue for my tickets to be
 validated. Wow! He surely has been on the entertainment business for 
29 years now. He still look young for his age.

 Host that night. 
The voice behind most of the TV commercials. (uhmm..sorry I forgot his name)

Look who were present that night!!!!!!! Dra. Vicky Belo and his rumored boyfriend, Al Galang. And the ever beautiful Aiko Melendez with her companion. Thanks to my bridge camera with ultra zoom, I can now be a paparazzi *lol* Celebrities who were also there: Cristalle Henares with Jason Sabio, Candy Pangilinan, Wally Bayola and his family, and of course Gary V and Angeli Pangilinan's children.

Here are some photos I managed to have while I am so engrossed watching my idol live and full of energy.
Every move and hitting the right tones were effortlessly done.
Have you guys noticed the white backdrop shifted in so many hues and settings. That is the beasuty of projection mapping technology. If you were only there, you will think that the system used from start to finish is insanely laudable. It was so high-tech that I sometimes found myself with jaws dropped. In tagalog 'nakakamangha'. All praises to all those staff and directors behind this magnificent background effects. 
Truly praise-worthy!

 From the upper tier all the way to the front seat.
 Thanks to the lady who ushered us. We experienced almost face to face with 
Mr. Pure Energy ^_^

 A night to remember with fellow bloggers Mr. Jayson, Ms. Jing and Ms. Janice ^_^
 Ms. Jing and I striking a pose with  Jose Villanueva III also known as QUEST
Still have to post a video of his front act later. He did a wonderful rap-style monologue that earned
astounding and reverberating acknowledgement from the audience.

Second time to meet these mommy bloggers - Ms. Jing and Ms. Janice
but we had an awesome concert night together. Wish too see them around. Thanks to 
Carlo, Andi and her Uncle for having us. Until next time.

Gary V: On Higher Ground
Director:  Gary  Valenciano and son Paolo Valenciano
Musical Director: Mon Faustino. 
Tickets are priced at Php 3,500.00, 2,500.00, 1,500.00, 1,000.00, and 500.00
. For tickets contact Ticketworld (891-9999), Music Museum (721-6726; 721-0635), and Manila Genesis (706-2170 to 71; 0915-4975225; 0908-8871397).
The show will be for the benefit of UNICEF and Shining Light Foundation. 

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                 Mr. Gary Valenciano performed also the following: Tara Na, Halina, Without You,
           Somewhere Over The Rainbow, 2012, Party Rock Anthem, and rendition of inspirational
                                              songs with award-winning acoustic musician Julianne.