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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Bequeathing my Firmoo Eyepiece

April 12 and it was  noontime when I received another package all the way from China. And oh! this was the package I was expecting when I returned from a brief staycation in one of the islands of Zambales with friends. Grateful was the feeling and I want to nurture it. Thank you so much Firmoo Optical for being so accommodating with my needs. You guys were really true to your promise of providing me another pair of corrective eyeglasses. See here for the very first parcel I received from these good guys. 

Again, I paid for PhP 40 for the PTCC which I think is payment for the tax or for the freight. Just a small cashing out for a necessity that is most important for my eye. I was so excited to see and feel the difference from the first package that I received less than a month ago ^_^

Tadaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!! I got the pink spectacle case and eyeglasses bags this time around. Before what I got is colored black. I received the same design that I already got before which is the company's prerogative. I just you know cannot ask for more. Isn't pink-colored case and bag so girly for me? 

You see! Firmoo Optical delivers more than what is expected from them. I am one happy and lucky blogger to be pampered this way. Thank you Firmoo from the bottom of my heart! As seen above my two prescription eyeglasses. On the left side is the brand new bearing the correct -3.25 grade. On the contrary, on the right side is the one with 3.25 grade which is very far from what I need. My bad for misinforming the company.

They may have the same design but I will forever treasure this blessing. It is not just fashion and frugality we are talking about here. I believe it more about the company's responsibility on giving what is due for its customers; in delivering needs that means a lot to its consumers. To Firmoo, I do salute you! Very well done! 
You guys might be wondering on what will I do to other stylish pair of eyeglasses which obviously I cannot use. Well my responsibility now is to share the blessings with you guys. If you or a relative or a friend who has a prescription (Rx) which is +3.25 just feel free to comment below your email add so I can send this beautiful pair to you. Make sure you ready yourself in providing me with the scanned or uploaded Rx from an eye doctor for you to be credible enough and valid as I bequeath you such lovely pair which is seriously worth $40.

Check this site to support what I was saying. Have a great day everyone!